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A to Z of Malaga – Part 5 U to Z

We have to admit that our A to Z of Malaga has been a challenge, but a fun one as we’ve discovered and uncovered unusual names and places in the city. In this latest blog post in the series, we look at U to Z, the last letters of the alphabet and probably the most difficult. Read on to discover 6 of the best things to see in Malaga.

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A to Z of Malaga

U is for…


A to Z of Malaga University

University head office, a stunning Modernist building on the Paseo del Parque

Why is it on the list?

It forms part of the trio of lovely architecture on the Paseo del Parque together with the Bank of Spain building and City Hall. It was once the central post office – you can still see the post boxes on the outside wall – but now houses the University of Malaga head offices. Good temporary exhibitions are held here and if you’re a fan of Roman and medieval walls, pop into and take a look at those in the basement.


An extra U

Uvas – fresh and dried grapes, one of the most typical foods from Malaga. They make up the delicious Malaga wine, not just sweet but red, white and sparkling, and those plush, juicy raisins. Malaga gastronomy wouldn’t be the same without them.

V is for…

A to Z of Malaga views

Views of the city skyline, the Mediterranean and the Malaga mountains.

Why are they on the list?

We love contemplating a good view and Malaga is a great place to do it. Whether you’re on the battlements of the Gibralfaro Fortress, at the top of the Ferris Wheel, on a roof terrace sipping cocktail or at ground level on Muelle Uno, the views in Malaga are, we think, to die for. (Photo credit: MyMalaga)

[box type=”note” style=”rounded” border=”full”]Top tip: To get up close and personal with the skyline in the old quarter, book a guided tour of the Cathedral rooftops.[/box]

An extra V

Vertical gardens – one of our favourite places in Malaga and right off the beaten track. There’s usually no one there so you get to admire the plants and the poetry all to yourself. Read more about this area of Malaga.


W is for…

perfect weather in Malaga

Weather – those 320 days of (guaranteed) sunshine a year, warm temperatures…

Why is it on the list?

We couldn’t write an A to Z of Malaga without including a least some reference to the city’s great climate. Think lots and lots of sunshine that’s perfect for al-fresco dining and making the most of Malaga beaches. OK, it rains hard occasionally and can be a bit sticky in August, but Malaga certainly boasts one of the best climates in Europe.

An extra W

Wine – a large part of the history of Malaga and its wealth during the 19th century belongs to the wine trade when the city was one of Europe’s top wine producers. Nowadays, production is back on track and Malaga wines rank at top international awards. Read more about Malaga wine tasting.

X is for…

Axarquia mountains in Malaga

Axarquía and a bit of cheat in our A to Z of Malaga, but it near enough begins with ‘x’. The Axarquía is the mountainous region to the east of Malaga.

Why is it on the list?

The Axarquía, as well as a great place to take a day trip from Malaga, is home to 2 essentials in this section of our A to Z of Malaga: grapes and wine. This picturesque region also produces tropical fruits and boasts some of the prettiest villages in Andalusia including Frigiliana, Comares and Periana.

[box type=”note” style=”rounded” border=”full”]Top tip: The best way to see the Axarquía is to hire a car in Malaga and drive.[/box]

An extra X

X marks the spot of all the listings in our Guide to Malaga. Each section of the 5 best in Malaga comes with its own map where you’ll find the 5 venues clearly marked. No more wasted time finding your way!


Y is for…

year-round attractions in Malaga

Year-round and by that, we mean 365 days a year

Why is it on the list?

With a great climate every single month of the year and lots of things to do and see, Malaga has to be one of the best year-round destinations in Europe. When’s the best thing to go to Malaga? Anytime!

An extra Y

Yesterday – and by yesterday, we mean the history of Malaga, present at every corner of the city. From the first arrivals, the Phoenicians, to present day tourists, everyone has left their mark on the city.


Z is for…

Maria Zambrano station

Zambrano for Maria Zambrano born in nearby Vélez-Málaga where she is buried and there are several monuments to her.

Why is she on the list?

She was one of Spain’s greatest 20th century philosophers and essayists. In honour of her memory, the city’s mainline train station is named after her.

An extra Z

Zip lines on the seafront – there are some great things to do for kids in Malaga including the zip lines on the seafront promenades. Look out for them as well as the play parks on the beaches in Malaga and enjoy! Check out more things to do in Malaga with toddlers, what to do with younger kids and older children.


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