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Best books about Malaga

Malaga book festival had 2 stalls dedicated to books about Malaga (city and province) and this set us thinking about which ones would we recommend. Here’s our choice of the best books about Malaga.

best books about Malaga

Best books about Malaga architecture

Málaga – Guía de architectura / An Architectural Guide

books on malaga architecture

We didn’t know this book existed until we saw it on the stall today. A quick flick through and it was ours because this is definitely 1 of the best books about Malaga architecture. The cover isn’t very promising but open the book up and there’s a feast of information in Spanish and English (and the translation is good) on over 330 buildings in Malaga.

They’re divided into areas within the city and there’s a great map of Malaga that tells you where all the buildings are so you can easily locate them. The book covers all the main monuments in Malaga, the best-known buildings in Malaga and includes a whole wealth of places that we had no idea existed.

It’s great for general information because it tells you the date each building was built, its architect, a bit about its history and where you can find it. Each snippet of information comes with a good photo.

Where to buy this book about Malaga: good bookshops in Malaga (see our list below) Price €24. 

Compiled by María Eugenia Candau, José Ignacio Díaz Pardo, Franciso Rodríguez Marín. Junta de Andalucía & Colegio de Arquitectos de Málaga

Málaga Cuaderno de viaje / Sketchbook

best sketch books about Malaga

This was one of our favourite Christmas presents last year (it’s in its 2nd edition so it must be popular). Local architect and painter Luis Ruiz Padrón spent hours exploring Malaga city and sketching it. Inside are his takes on most of the main monuments in Malaga, his favourite shops in Malaga and some hidden corners, off the beaten tourist track.

There isn’t much text because the sketches speak for themselves and some of it has been translated into English, not particularly well in some bits but the lovely drawings more than make up for a few misused words.

Where to buy this book about Malaga: good bookshops in Malaga (see our list below) Price €18.

Written and drawn by Luis Ruiz Padrón. Editorial lovingbooks

Best books about Malaga history in photos

best books about malaga history

Malaga, Una visión panorámica

This coffee-table book (in Spanish only, but it’s mostly pictures so the text is secondary) includes dozens of photos of Malaga taken by 2 photographers, Josep Thomas and Lucian Roisin, at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th. Divided geographically and by topic, the book reveals what Malaga looked like over 100 years ago.

In some instances it’s difficult to recognise some of the monuments in Malaga – the Alcazaba Fortress in particular – and as for the beaches in Malaga… But other buildings such as Malaga City Hall, built towards the end of the 19th century, have hardly changed at all. There’s a great section of typical characters from Malaga including the cenachero fish seller and the biznaga flower seller.

Where to buy this book about Malaga: good bookshops in Malaga (see our list below) Price about €35.

Compiled by Javier Ramírez González. Editorial Arguval

Best books about Malaga nature

Malaga guide books

Malaga is one of those privileged places where the city offers lots and lots to do. And when you want to get away from the urban sprawl, it’s easy to get out into some amazing countryside where the walking is excellent and the fauna and flora spotting among the best in Europe.

There are lots of books about walking in Malaga, but some of the best are published by Editorial La Serranía. Look out for their stall at book fairs around the province and you can also order their books online. Most of them are in Spanish, but they’ve also catered for the English-language market too. Check out their series on bird watching and for those going walking in Malaga:

The 25 best routes in the protected natural areas of the province of Malaga

This book has rather a long title, but there are some great ideas for walks in here and the translation is good. Each route comes mapped and graded, and with lots of useful information about what you’ll find on the way. It’s heavy so you probably won’t be carrying it around in your rucksack, but this is a great guide to Malaga walks.

Where to buy this book about Malaga: good bookshops in Malaga (see our list below) or online (and postage is included in the price). Price about €14.

Written by Rafael Flores Domínguez. Editorial La Serranía.

Best books about Malaga for children

Oh Malaga!

This is a great book about Malaga for children. Packed with fun illustrations, it’s written in Spanish and English (so there’s a chance to learn some Spanish too) it tells kids all about the main monuments in Malaga plus lots of fun anecdotes along the way.

Where to buy this book about Malaga: good bookshops in Malaga (see our list below) Price €14.95

best books about Malaga for children

Written by Alejandro Villén. Published by lovingbooks

The best bookshops in Malaga

There are several good bookshops in Malaga and most of them stock a good selection of books about Malaga.

  • Casa del Libro – Calle Nueva 5
  • FNAC – Calle Armengual de la Mota (in Malaga Plaza shopping centre)
  • Librería Luces – Alameda Principal 16
  • Mapas y Compañía – Calle Compañía 33 (the place in Malaga to buy travel guides and books)
  • Rayuela – Calle Cárcer 1

The main art museums in Malaga also have good bookshops.

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