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The biggest attraction in Malaga?

It’s already one of the top things to do in Malaga and in its short history, thousands have enjoyed the views and the ride. But if the latest project goes ahead, the ferris wheel will become the biggest attraction in Malaga.

biggest attraction in Malaga
A totally new look (photo Diario Sur)

We’re not talking about biggest in terms of visitor figures – the Picasso Museum draws many more. We’re talking about height because the new design will take visitors up to 100m above Malaga and then undoubtedly offer the best views in the city. The views from the current ferris wheel are already pretty good, but with 40 metres extra height they will be so much better.

Iconic project for Malaga

The latest ferris wheel location and design was presented to Malaga Council and Malaga Port authorities earlier this month. The architect behind the new look is Jerónimo Junqueras, the designer of one of our favourite places in Malaga – the Pergola along Muelle Dos.

most popular places in Malaga
View of the Pergola

Junqueras envisages complete transformation of the area of Malaga Port behind the Customs House and next to the Melilla ferry terminal (more or less the area on the left of the photo below).

biggest attraction in Malaga
New location for the ferris wheel

The project

The project involves building an access ramp from Plaza de la Marina, an upper terrace from where you would get on the ferris wheel and a square below the terrace. This new access and location has two advantages. Firstly, it moves the ferris wheel away from the flats along Muelle Heredia – the residents here have filed numerous complaints about the wheel invading their privacy. And secondly, it will give this area of Malaga Port a much-needed refurb.

The project’s promoters have put a price tag of €35-40 million on the new-look ferris wheel and location. About half of this will go towards building and installing the wheel with the rest financing the remodelling of the area.

best things to do in Malaga
Terrace and access (photo Diario Sur)

The wheel

The new design takes the ferris wheel up to 100m high and so making it the tallest attraction in Malaga. It also includes a single post support, a design that’s both streamlined and more aesthetically pleasing than the current twin posts. The cabins also get a complete facelift and become large pods, similar to those on the London Eye.

Malaga ferris wheel
Current cabins

The next stage

So will this new project for Malaga get the go-ahead? Malaga Port authorities are reportedly very keen on the idea with the caveat of there being enough room for lorry access to the Melilla ferry. Malaga Council are also enthusiastic, although they want to ask the residents who live in the area first. If this project gets the green light, it will be about 2 years before the first visitors get to ride on the biggest attraction in Malaga.

Our verdict?

At Guide to Malaga we love the idea. We think it’s an iconic project that will bring a new look to the west end of Muelle Dos. It will also consolidate attractions in Malaga and make an ideal complement to the art museums and historic monuments. We have our fingers crossed and are looking forward to riding on the wheel in 2018!

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