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Exciting changes to the Guide to Malaga app

If you’ve already got a copy of the Guide to Malaga app you will have noticed that we’ve introduced some exciting changes. Read on to find out what they are.

Please note that the Guide to Malaga app is no longer available. For all you need to know about Malaga, take a good look round our website – all the information’s there at your fingertips! 

We’ve found some new developers with up-to-the-minute knowledge of apps. In partnership with them, we’ve made several key changes and upgrades to the app, making it much more user friendly. And they allow you to get much more from all the information about Malaga. The new features include:

My Favourites section in Guide to Malaga app

The Guide to Malaga app contains a wealth of information. At the last count there were over 240 listings in total. Not to mention all the maps and photos. So much information about Malaga in fact that it could be a bit overwhelming…

Until now. As from 9 December all Android and iOS users can use the My Favourites feature in the Guide to Malaga app. This allows you to save any of the 240+ listings in the app and look at them again later.

Guide to Malaga app
My Favourites section in Android
New feature on Guide to Malaga app
My Favourites section in iOS


How does My Favourites work?

You’ll find My Favourites in the main menu underneath BUYS. You’ll notice that all the listings in Guide to Malaga have a heart icon next to them. When you read one that you like the sound of or want to look at again later, click on the heart. It then turns blue and adds automatically to My Favourites.

Example of favourites
Example of favourites

Saved listings

When you want to see the listings you’ve saved, go to My Favourites (in the main menu) and open it. Inside you’ll see all your saved listings. Click on any to read about it again. If on your second reading you decide that you don’t want to save it, click on the blue heart and it will disappear from My Favourites.

Guide to Malaga app new feature
Saved favourites

You can add and delete as many listings as you like. And the other good news about this new feature on the Guide to Malaga app is that it works offline. No need to be connected to data or wifi to save your favourite listings.


We think this feature makes Guide to Malaga more user-friendly and definitely more useful. Now when you see a listing you like the look of you can save it for future reference instead of having to go back and wade through the listings again trying to find it.

Upgrade to image galleries

Another feature to get an upgrade in the latest version of Guide to Malaga app are the image galleries. Click on ‘Image Folder’ in any of the listings to see all the photos. Click on a photo to see it in better detail – zoom in for a really close look – and swipe backwards and forwards through the gallery to see the other photos of Malaga.

(Note that to see the images you need to be connected to the internet – unlike the rest of Guide to Malaga app, the photos are stored on a cloud.)

Bigger text

Bigger text is always good especially if you’re on the go. So all the information text in the Guide to Malaga app has got bigger. Much easier on the eyes (especially for those of us who need reading glasses more and more often ;)).

Bug fixing

Android: The previous Android version continued some annoying bugs. These have all been fixed so using the app should now be totally bug free.

iOS: our new developers have made sure that the iOS version fits all screens perfectly and that includes the iPhone 7S.

Everyone gets the upgrades

And we mean everyone. As with all the usual updates and upgrades to the Guide to Malaga app this one comes absolutely free. When you open the app and it prompts you to update the database, just click ‘yes’ and you’ll see My Favourites, the new image galleries and the larger text.

And the app still runs with no annoying adverts, pop-ups etc. Just a smooth ride of getting the very best and up-to-date information about Malaga!

We’d love to know what you think of this so do let us know on info@guidetomalaga.com

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Guide to Malaga would like to thank Paul K. for suggesting the My Favourites addition, Katie T. and Caroline B. for ideas on the image galleries and for patiently checking (and rechecking) the iOS versions. ¡Muchas gracias!

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