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The latest new Guide to Malaga content

Since our new Guide to Malaga was launched around 7 months ago we’ve replaced a few listings with new ones and made sure the others are always up to date. But we haven’t done anything major with the Malaga guide. Until now. We’re very pleased to announce that The 5 Best of Everything in Malaga just got bigger and better!

To make sure our Guide to Malaga continues to offer the best information for anyone on holiday in Malaga and provides even more value for money, we’ve added 5 new categories that between them offer over 30 new listings. That brings the total to over 250!

Why did we expand the content? We’ve been listening to our clients and taking on board their suggestions on how to make The 5 Best of Everything in Malaga even better. And the result has just arrived. If you’re already a user you’ll have noticed a lot of prompts to update your Guide to Malaga app recently. If you haven’t got a copy yet click here.

So what exactly is new?

New Guide to Malaga content – things to do

The best things to do in Malaga already counts as 1 of the biggest sections in the guide. But that doesn’t mean it can’t get bigger and to prove it, we’ve added 2 more categories:

Day Trips from Malaga

The first version of our Malaga guide already included half-day fillers – there’s a lot to do in the city but if you’re on holiday on Malaga and find yourself with a morning or afternoon to spare we suggest 5 places to visit outside. But what about if you have a whole day to kill or simply want to explore some of the other destinations in Andalusia? 1 of our users (thanks Alicia!) mentioned that it would be good to include information about day trips from Malaga.

We’ve picked 5 locations – all of which you can easily visit in the day from Malaga and you can get to all except 1 by public transport easily and quickly in the day. You won’t find detailed information about each destination – this is a Malaga guide – but we have listed the highlights you will see on each day trip and how to get to each town/city from Malaga.

day trips from Malaga

Tours in Malaga

Sometimes the best way to discover a city is through local knowledge on a tour. So many companies offer tours in Malaga that this category was a real challenge because only the best will do!

In the end, we opted for categories of tours and then sourced the ones that we think offer the best experience and value for money.

(Editor’s note: We’ve been on all these tours so you know these are tried and trusted.)

Malaga tapas tour drinks

New Guide to Malaga content – hotels in Malaga

From the beginning, we were aware that the Sleeps section in our Guide to Malaga needed expanding. Because we only wanted to include the very best, our information about hotels in Malaga had just 4 categories. Not any more – we’ve just added 2 more:

Mid-range hotels in Malaga

These are an accommodation option for those who don’t want to splurge on a luxury hotel but aren’t skimping on a budget either. To choose the 5 best mid-range hotels in Malaga we had 2 criteria – price and service. The chosen ones cost €40-50 a night for a double room and come with good service. Surely hotel deals don’t come much better than that?! And 1 of the 5 has some great combo offers that a friend of ours loved. These 5 hotels are dotted throughout the city and include central locations and ones nearer the beach. And like all the other Malaga hotel listings, they’re all located on a map so you can easily whereabouts they are in the city.

hotels in Malaga

Family-friendly hotels in Malaga

Our Guide to Malaga seems to mostly appeal to couples, but recently, families have started buying the app. And seeing as lots of families come on holiday to Malaga, it makes sense to cater for them in the accommodation listings. Our selection of 5 family-friendly hotels was chosen for their value and the extras they offer to make family holidays that little bit easier. 1 of the 5 also has a super-fun feature that we reckon must be unique. Again, we’ve picked options in the centre and a couple out of town, including 1 of them that is right on the beach (the ultimate family-friendly location?). And yes, a map pinpoints all 5 for you.

New Guide to Malaga content – Food in Malaga

The Malaga foodie scene keeps getting bigger so it’s no surprise to find that the Eats section in our Guide to Malaga has got a new category:

Chocolate and churros

This suggestion came from 1 of our biggest fans (thanks Bob!). He loves chocolate and was in heaven when he discovered chocolate and churros in Malaga. “Where can I try the best?” he asked us. This new section provides the answer. Our pick of 5 serve delicious churros – thin and fat – and we’ve included 1venue that serves this ‘snack’ from 5.30am (for all those early (or late) bird users of the Malaga guide 😉 ).

churros in Malaga

We hope these latest additions add value to your Guide to Malaga app. You can find out here if they do. We’re always open to suggestions and looking to improve our Guide to Malaga so do get in touch if you can think of something we should add.

Meanwhile, if you’re coming on holiday to Malaga, don’t forget your guide. For less than the price of a barista coffee you get over 250 listings of the very best in Malaga!

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