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Getting private health insurance in Malaga

If you’ve chosen to set up a business in Malaga, work or be self-employed in the city, one of your first concerns will be health insurance. You may be eligible for public healthcare under the social security scheme. While Malaga hospitals under the public umbrella (Servicio Andaluz de Salud/ SAS) are excellent, the system is currently underfunded and overstretched. Going private may therefore be your preferred option. You also need proof of healthcare cover for Spanish residency. This article looks at private health insurance in Malaga and includes tips on choosing the right policy for you.

Why take out private health insurance

Taking out private health cover has several advantages:

Spanish residency – if you want to become resident in Malaga, you need to provide proof of healthcare cover. A private health insurance policy is one of the easiest ways to do it.

Less waiting – with public healthcare stretched to its maximum in Malaga, getting an appointment with a specialist can take weeks. The same applies to non-urgent surgery for which waiting lists run into months. Private health insurance saves you all the waiting.

English speaking – if you don’t speak good Spanish, you’ll probably feel more comfortable with medical attention from staff who speak English. You’re more likely to find this in private hospitals and clinics in Malaga.

More prevention – private health cover tends to include preventive medicine and treatment that may not be available in the public sector or take a long time to access.

Did you know? Proof of healthcare cover is one of the requirements for British nationals who wish to become resident in Malaga under the withdrawal agreement between the EU and UK. To take advantage of the agreement, you must make your application before 31 December 2020. You can get full private health insurance in Malaga with AXA with just your passport (no NIE necessary – conditions apply). Find out more.

Companies offering private health insurance in Malaga

Private health insurance is big business in Malaga where its popularity has increased significantly over the last few years. Numerous companies offer private insurance; some are Spanish companies and other international, but their offerings vary hugely as do their costs.

Guide to Malaga recommends health insurance provided by AXA, one of the largest insurance companies in Spain and worldwide. You have access to healthcare and treatment at all clinics and hospitals in Malaga province (including the Costa del Sol).

Guide to Malaga users can take advantage of 25% discount on usual rates. Typical costs start at €30 a month per person. Click here to make an enquiry .

Private hospitals in Malaga

The city has a number of private hospitals and clinics, some of which offer cutting-edge medical treatment and Spain’s top doctors. They include:

  • Dr Gálvez in Calle San Agustín in the city centre.
  • Quirón Salud in Avda Imperio Argentina in the west of the city.
  • Hospital Vithas in Avda Pintor Sorolla to the east of the city centre.

Not all accept all private health insurance policies so make sure your choice covers as wide a range of hospitals and clinics as possible.

How to choose the right private health insurance for you

As we’ve already mentioned, policies for private health insurance in Malaga vary in what they cover (and what they exclude). Before you start comparing different offerings make a list of your healthcare requirements based on your medical history and current needs.

With this list, compare different policies and their price. Questions you might like to ask include:

  • Do you need healthcare cover for Spanish residency?
  • Does the policy cover my dependents?
  • Is emergency treatment included?
  • How long do I have to wait between contracting the policy and using the services?
  • Is there an excess fee for certain services?
  • Does it cover high usage of services?
  • Does it cover me as I get older?
  • Is the price quoted fully inclusive or are there additional fees?
  • Which hospitals and clinics can I go to in Malaga with this policy?
  • Does the policy cover treatment for current medical conditions?
  • Does the policy include pregnancy care and birthing services?

When you find a policy that ticks all your healthcare boxes, read the small print very carefully to ensure you know exactly what’s included (and what isn’t).

Cost of private health insurance in Malaga

Just as policies vary so do their prices. The older you are, the more your private healthcare insurance will cost you. The same applies if you include children in your policy. Expect to pay at least €40 a month for a basic policy and a minimum of €75 a month for all-inclusive cover and no copayments.

Get 25% off your health insurance policy – find out more here.

Tips for saving money on private healthcare policies

  • Take a look at payment plans. The company may offer monthly installments or a one-off payment. If it’s available and you can afford it, go for the annual lump sum as it usually includes savings on the monthly rate.
  • Make a note of when your insurance policy expires (most are annual). When it comes up for renewal, ask the company about special offers.
  • If there are several of you (e.g. you and your partner or your family), consider getting a group policy. This usually offers big savings on those for individuals.

Getting the right health insurance is just part of the process when you move to Malaga or set up your business in the city. For information on other steps you need to take, take a look at:

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