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10 reasons to take a workation in Malaga

As those of us who are solopreneurs know, taking extended periods of time off from work has its challenges. Not least because if you don’t work, you don’t get paid. That’s where a workation, that combo of work + vacation, comes in. It allows you to get away from your daily routine and keep up with your workload at the same time. Some destinations lend themselves perfectly to this and Malaga turns out to be one of them. Read on to discover ten compelling reasons why you should think seriously about a workation in Malaga.

Easy to get to

No need to worry about expensive travel, long flights or jetlag when you get there. Malaga has excellent flight connections with literally dozens of European cities making it easy to pop over for a workation. In fact, it’s so easy you could easily take a workation in Malaga several times a year…

Year-round sunshine

With its privileged spot on the Mediterranean and 320 days of sunshine a year, Malaga makes the perfect place for a workation. Take yours in the winter and catch up on a good dose of sunshine while you keep up with your workload. Or go for a long workation in the summer and mix the perfect combo of beach, sunshine and continue to make a living.

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Easy lifestyle

The Spanish working day divides in two with an early start and morning session until 2 or 3pm. This is followed by an afternoon/early session until 8pm. You can fit your workation in Malaga into one of these – choose to work mornings until Spanish lunchtime and then take the rest of the day off. This works best in the summer when temperatures reach their hottest in the afternoon. Or have time out in the morning and work in the afternoon/early evening. Perhaps the best option in the winter when the days are shorter and you can make the most of the sunshine in the morning.

Combine tourism and work

Malaga makes the perfect place to sightsee and work at the same time. The city offers a ton of things to do and in a choice of locations. How about doing a morning’s work and then checking out some world-class art in the afternoon? Or spending the morning lounging on the beach before you head back to your ‘office’ for a conference call?

Enjoy Malaga so much that you want to set up in the city permanently? Check out our Business section detailing all the opportunities and information you need.


Choice of coworking spaces

A workation only works well if you have a dedicated space to get on with your work. There’s no point in working from your accommodation because you’ll end up mixing work and play or not getting on properly with either.

To ensure success, rent a space for your work in Malaga. Preferably a quiet area that you can call your own that has all the facilities you need. Malaga has several excellent coworking spaces, most of which offer temporary slots that will suit you while you’re on workation.

Find out what you should look for a coworking space in Malaga.

Great connections

Malaga offers state-of-the-art internet connections with 5G available in some areas. The city’s coworking spaces all offer high-speed wifi so there’s no need to worry about whether the internet will be fast enough.

Mobile coverage is also excellent so you can stay connected wherever you are in the city. Even on the beach…

Choice of accommodation

Just as you need a suitable place to work, you also need a great place to stay during your workation in Malaga. The city comes with a long list of options, ranging from grand luxe hotels, boutique hotels and hostels to self-catering apartments.

Guide to Malaga lists some of the best. You can check them out here. Or you can go for a workation package with everything you need in one easy bundle.

Longer trips possible

If you’re mixing work and play on your workation, you can stay for longer and still keep up with your workload. How does a month in Malaga sound? Or even longer. And because Malaga is a year-round destination with a busy calendar of events every single month, you’ll find plenty to do.

Guide to Malaga has a dedicated section of Events including a round-up of what’s on in each month. Grab your diary and check it out.


Meet new people and make new contacts

Coworking spaces in Malaga are hives of activity with people from all walks of life and industries. You’ll be in the same environment as creatives, techies, marketeers… And from all round the world.

Get ready to meet lots of interesting people and make some great connections. These could lead to new opportunities in your work, an added bonus of a workation in Malaga.

Value for money

Our last compelling reason why Malaga makes such as good place for a workation has to do with cost. The city offers excellent value for money – coffee costs from €1.30, a 3-course lunch from €9 and you can get beer and grilled sardines on the beach for €4. That means you can afford to treat yourself and often on your working holiday. You can even do Malaga on a budget.

Workation package in Malaga

The Living Room Coworking in Malaga offers just the package you need for the perfect workation in Malaga:

  • Accomodation right in the city-centre so all the attractions (including the beach) are on your doorstep.
  • A dedicated space at their coworking area, also in the city centre.

Find out more and then book yours!


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