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8 things to look for in a coworking space in Malaga

Long gone are the days when if you were self-employed you had to work from home or grab a spot in a busy internet café. There’s no longer any need to cram yourself and your laptop on the dining table. Or fight for a seat at that café. Now you can have a dedicated area in pleasant surroundings at a coworking space in Malaga.

But like everything in life, no two coworking spaces are the same. So, how do you choose the right one for you? What should you look for? And what services should you expect to get for your money? It’s an important decision because after all, this space is where you do your work that puts the food on your plate money.

We’ve put together a list of eight must-haves for a coworking space in Malaga. Read on and then source yours.

Location, location, location

Like your home, a coworking space is all about location. If your business takes you out and about in the city centre (e.g. meetings, errands, networking, etc.), it makes sense to choose a coworking space with a central location. If you drive to ‘work’ by car, pick one with parking (preferably free) nearby.

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All you need for work

Next up in your considerations when looking for a coworking space in Malaga are the facilities. High-speed internet will obviously top your must-have list. You might value the provision of meeting rooms too. Or sound-proofed booths for Skype/Zoom calls. Think about what you need and then find out if the coworking venue has these available.

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Room to spread out

Even the tidiest workers need more than just a spot for their laptop. You need room for coffee, notepads, your phone, pencil pots… And if you’re like me, loads of room for bits of paper.

When you visit a coworking space in Malaga, look for one with plenty of individual space – a large table with generous room for each person. Anything less and you might as well go home to that dining room table.

Facilities for play

At a coworking space you won’t be distracted by household chores, your partner interrupting you or your kids quarreling yet again. But life isn’t all about work and you need some downtime. A place you can go to take time out from your work and relax. Choose a coworking space with a kitchen and a rec space. Essential for making all that coffee and for meeting your fellow coworkers.

Coworking company

One of the biggest disadvantages of being self-employed is the occasional sense of isolation. The feeling that it’s just you and your laptop. A coworking space changes this dynamic and you’ll find yourself surrounded by others like you. Choose a venue that promotes its coworkers and encourages interaction. Not only will you discover synergy, but you may also find new business.

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After work

The best coworking spaces in Malaga organise after-work events. These might be networking meet-ups when you get the chance to discover who’s who behind all those laptops. Entrepreneurial events designed to help you with your business or learn new skills. Or parties and sporting events because play is more important than work.


As any parent knows, juggling work, daily life and a kid(s) is some balancing act. And even the best childcare provisions don’t work sometimes and you end up trying to work while looking after your child(ren) at the same time. If this sounds familiar, choose a coworking space in Malaga that caters for kids too. Some have cobaby spaces with dedicated childminders so that you can get on with the professional part of your life.

Flexible spaces

And finally, you might want to find out if your chosen venue offers flexible coworking conditions. Can you book a space on a different basis? Say a couple of hours a day or twice a week? Or maybe while you’re on holiday only. And do the rates offer the same flexibility?

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