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Spanish classes in Malaga No ni ná

If you’re looking for Spanish classes in Malaga, No ni ná is the perfect choice. Find out why.

Taking Spanish classes in Malaga with me gives you the unique opportunity to dive into the language and rich Andalusian culture. As teacher and owner of No Ni Ná, I offer tailor-made classes for each student, adapting to individual needs and objectives.

My practical and dynamic focus will allow you not just to improve your level of Spanish but also to get a real taste for the traditions, gastronomy and lifestyle in this wonderful region.

Rocio from No ni ná Spanish classes in Malaga
Rocío, your Spanish teacher in Malaga

In-person Spanish classes in Malaga

In-person classes offer you the chance to experience complete immersion. In Malaga, you’ll be able to practise Spanish while you enjoy great weather with over 300 days of sunshine a year, beautiful beaches and a vibrant cultural vibe.

You’ll learn Spanish while you explore local markets, visit museums and join in typical regional festivities. This unique combination of learning and cultural experiences will make your learning process effective and enriching.

online Spanish class in Malaga

Online Spanish classes in Malaga

If you can’t come here in person, I offer online Spanish classes, which allow you learn from the comfort of your own home wherever you are in the world. These classes are designed to adapt to your learning pace and interests, ensuring a personalised and accessible learning experience. I use a wide range of interactive resources and technology to keep classes dynamic and efficient. I also provide material and personalised homework so that you can continue to practise your Spanish between classes.

Enjoy Malaga and Andalusia!

Whether you choose in-person or online classes, you’ll enjoy everything Malaga has to offer through actual visits or virtual activities and resources in my online classes. I aim to make you feel part of the Andalusian culture, whatever format of classes you choose.

I look forward to welcoming you to Malaga, in person or online, so we can start this exciting learning journey together and discover everything the Spanish language and culture have to offer you!

What’s this about no ni ná?

You might be wondering why my Spanish language school is called no ni ná. It’s a colloquial Andalusian expression that’s best translated in English as “Not half!” or “You bet!”. So, if for example, you asked if taking Spanish classes in Malaga with me, Rocío, was a good thing, my reply would be “¡No ni ná!” 😉

FAQs about No ni ná Spanish classes

I offer three types:

  • One-to-one classes: both in-person and online, our one-to-one classes take a flexible and personalised approach to learning Spanish.
  • Linguistic immersion: designed for those looking to dive as deep as possible into Spanish language and culture.
  • Exam preparation: our programme for official Spanish exams (e.g. SIELE or DELE) is designed to guarantee our students’ success in these challenging tests.

Our standard in-person and online classes cost €25 a session. However, for specialised classes such as linguistic immersion and Spanish SIELE or DELE exam preparation, we offer packages of hours designed to guarantee results within a certain timeframe. These packages are adapted to cover your individual needs and maximise your progress as quickly as possible.

Our timetable adapts to the individual needs of each student, depending on availability.

After the initial contact, I assess the student’s needs and find out their learning objectives, specific requirements and interests. This assessment includes ascertaining the level of Spanish to ensure classes are 100% personalised and adapted to the student’s individual needs.

I adapt my teaching focus depending on the needs of each student, using dynamic and participatory methods to encourage natural and enjoyable learning. I use materials designed specifically for each student to reinforce their linguistic skills effectively and personally. Because it’s my own business, my dedication to ensure complete student satisfaction is absolute.