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10 things NOT to do in Malaga

Our Guide to Malaga includes a long list of things to do in Malaga (nearly 100 to be exact), but what about things not to do? Our latest blog post offers advice on 10 things not to do in Malaga to make sure you get the most out of your visit.

Don’t worry about visiting Malaga at the wrong time of year

We’re asked time and time again when is the best time of year to visit Malaga. And the easy answer is any time! The city is a year-round destination with almost guaranteed sunshine and lots to do. For a month-by-month guide to the weather in Malaga and events, check out this blog post on when to visit Malaga.

Don’t leave without browsing Guide to Malaga

Along with your passport and boarding card, our Guide to Malaga is a must-have. Check out the contents before you come and while you’re here to make sure you get the most out of your holiday in Malaga.

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Don’t worry about overspending

As anyone who has been to Malaga before will tell you, this is a great value for money destination. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how little it costs to eat out (and well), to get into the museums in Malaga and if you book ahead, stay at a hotel.

If you’re on a tight budget, there are lots of free things to do in Malaga – read about them here.

Don’t stay on the beaten tourist track

Many of the museums and monuments in Malaga are well-known and part and parcel of the well-trodden tourist circuit. But to get to know this happening city properly, you need to stray off the beaten track and explore some of the lesser-known areas.

Discover unusual things to do in Malaga

Don’t come just for the day

Although Malaga is a small and compact city, there’s lots and lots to see and do so don’t limit your visit to just a day. Come for at least a weekend and stay in the city centre so you can get a real feel for all Malaga has to offer. Or if you’re staying at a resort on the Costa del Sol, make sure you include at least 2 days trips to Malaga.


Don’t underestimate the crowds

If your holiday in Malaga coincides with 1 of the bigger events in the city, expect there to be lots of people. Christmas in Malaga, Holy Week and Malaga Fair act as real crowd-pullers, drawing thousands of people. Pace yourself and remember to take time out (our Guide to Malaga has some good suggestions on how to get away from the hustle and bustle).

Don’t stress over that whole fish on your plate

One of the most typical things to eat in Malaga is fried fish – small and whole. But don’t worry, they’re easier to eat than you think. Just watch the locals at the table next to you and follow suit. If you’re going for sardines, watch our video on how to eat them.

Don’t miss the latest art exhibitions

Malaga art museums have earned themselves a reputation as the best in southern Spain. As well as excellent permanent collections, they all have great temporary exhibitions too showcasing big-name artists. Autumn is a particularly good time for art exhibitions in Malaga.

Don’t forget to visit Santiago Church on Calle Granada

It’s one of the loveliest churches in Malaga and famed as the place where Picasso was christened. The church has just been restored to perfection so don’t miss a visit. You might find the doors open in the morning, but it’s best to visit between 7 and 9pm in the evening. And while we’re on the subject of churches, don’t miss the other lovely ones. Read our list of the best churches in Malaga.

Don’t forget to book ahead for El Caminito del Rey

This is one of the biggest attractions on the Costa del Sol, if not the biggest. To ensure you get to walk the walk, book well in advance of your visit to Malaga. If you have forgotten, check out the last minute page on the website – very occasionally tickets are available for visits over the next couple of days.


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