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5 ways Malaga can change your life for good

Conde Nast Readers’ Choice awards for 2022 recently voted Malaga as the world’s sixth-best small city to visit. We obviously totally agree, but we’d go one step further because along with some great things to see and do, Malaga can change your life for good. This city can (and does) represent a truly life-transforming place whether you’re visiting for a few days or relocating to Malaga.

Here’s why and more importantly, how.

Easy switch-off and unplug from stress

Let’s face it – it’s difficult to remain uptight when the sun’s shining and you have the prospect of a dish of grilled sardines and ice-cold beer for €5 on your dinner menu. But weather and the affordable cost of living aside, Malaga is a city where relaxation comes into its own.

Holidaymakers and new residents mention the chilled vibe time and time again. “I’ve never been so relaxed and comfortable in a city”, said Nigel, one of our well-travelled friends on their first visit to Malaga. He even claims that he hasn’t felt the same laid-back vibe since.

Example of walk in malaga to change your life
Relax as you stroll under the Pergola next to the sea

How to make this change permanent

On holiday, it’s easy to relax, but ideally, you’ll carry that feeling with you when you return home. To ensure it does sit in your suitcase, get some professional guidance on how to incorporate the chilled Malaga vibe into your everyday life.

That feel-good factor

The Danish call it hygge, that all-enveloping sensation of well-being. It mostly comes from finding contentment in small things, the little details in life that bring you pleasure and a smile to your face.

In Malaga, we don’t have a special word for it, but there’s no doubt that this city offers its own brand of hygge. You’ll experience it when you take a stroll along the seafront, in the back streets of the old quarter or walk up to the Gibralfaro viewing platform. Breathe in the fresh sea air and discover how happy you feel.

How to make this change permanent

In an ideal world, hygge will become part of your daily life. Probably easier if you decide to live permanently in Malaga, but not so easy if you’re here for a short stay.

So, to take a piece of Malaga and its feel-good factor with you when you return, talk to a coach to discover how to reconnect with what matters most to you. And to unearth those details that feed your soul and keep your hygge batteries on full charge. 

That urge to move

Malaga’s 320 guaranteed days of sunshine and seafront location are strong motivations to get out there and do something. And the city provides a long list of lovely outdoor locations to get moving – the long seafront promenades, the beaches, the parks, the squares and then the countryside just minutes outside the centre.

Movement, of course, releases endorphins, those pick-you-up hormones that make you feel so much better. The good news is that they’re easy to unleash – even gentle exercise such as yoga and pilates helps your body to produce them and you to feel their effect.

yoga on the beach in Malaga
Yoga and exercise take on a whole new meaning by the Mediterranean

How to make this change permanent

If you don’t already have movement in your life, start when you’re in Malaga. Morgane Gletzere is a certified pilates and yoga instructor and gives one-to-one or group classes to all levels. Get in touch with her for a free quote. 

Hyper-appreciation of nature

Malaga is a gift to the senses. Not only are there the visual treats (the city skyline at golden hour is one of our favourites), but also the sensations. That feeling of the warm sunshine and Mediterranean breeze comes second to none.

And then there are the scents. For example, orange blossom in the spring, jasmine throughout the summer, roasting chestnuts in the autumn…

Alcazaba in Malaga
Find nature everywhere in Malaga

How to make this change permanent

Spending time outdoors is known to be one of the keys to strong physical and mental health, so why not make the most of it when you’re in Malaga? Then, resolve to spend time outside in nature every day, whether it’s a short walk in the park or a day’s hiking in the hills.

Time to change track

Whether you’re on holiday in Malaga or just arrived to make a new life in the city, you’ve stepped out of your normal routine. Your days are automatically different and this shift can be empowering.

Use it to think about real changes in your life and make plans to implement them. Then, discuss these with your partner or companion and consider how to turn those dreams into reality.

If you’re looking to delve deeper, consider talking to a professional coach who’ll offer an objective opinion and advice on whether those changes are right for you.

How to make this change permanent

It’s all too easy to slip back into your usual routine and forget all the plans you made. To help you implement them, set an intention. Do this by finding an accountability partner – your partner, a friend or a coach – or purposely setting time aside every day to do that something different.

Like Malaga to change your life?

There’s no doubt about it, Malaga really is a life-changing city. If you’d like professional coaching on how to make it change your life, contact Morgane Gletzere. She’s a certified yoga and pilates instructor and is passionate about self-care through coaching. Find out more about Pilates by Morgane.

If you’d like practical advice, download a copy of Your Guide to Moving to Malaga. This ultimate relocation guide tells you everything you need to do about moving to this wonderful city. To get 25% off list price, just add the code WEB at the checkout.

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