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Inspirational skyline to show why Malaga should be the first place you visit after lockdown

Best first place to visit after lockdown? It has to be Malaga

As lockdown restrictions start to ease and the first international flights resume, you may well be thinking of taking a short break. A change of scene will do you the world of good. And after weeks shut indoors and not going anywhere, you deserve to treat yourself to a getaway. We obviously biased 😉, but we think Malaga makes the perfect first place to visit after lockdown. Not convinced? Read on to discover some compelling reasons why Malaga should be your first travel destination.

Perfect for a short break

Compact and easy to get around, Malaga makes a great destination to see in a long weekend. In 2 or 3 days, you can do some sightseeing, go to the beach, try some delicious food and wine, get in some shopping and soak up the city’s welcoming and relaxing vibe. Perfect for dipping your toe into the new normal travel scene.

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Sunshine and warm welcome guaranteed

Malaga enjoys 320 days of sunshine a year so make the most of some warming rays post-lockdown. Plus, the city is famous for its hospitality and after over three months with no visitors, the locals are keener than ever to welcome you back!

Stringent hygiene measures

Obviously, we’ll all nervous about that first trip. Who wouldn’t be? Maybe you’re worried about hygiene standards in Malaga? Understandable. But rest assured that the city has taken government regulations and recommendations very seriously.

You’ll find hand sanitiser everywhere, limitations on numbers in all inside establishments (restaurants, bars, museums, monuments, shops etc), social distancing measures across the city… Locals too are well aware that this is serious stuff so no worries there either.

For full information on what the new normal looks like in Malaga, read this.

The great outdoors

Covid-19 doesn’t do at all well outdoors and with its ton of open-air spaces, Malaga has the upper edge. Yours to enjoy are beaches, parks, squares, pedestrian spaces, seafront promenades… And the majority of cafés and restaurants have outside dining areas. So, you can enjoy the city al fresco and in the sunshine – the perfect place for your first post-lockdown travel destination.

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Easy to social distance

After zero tourism for over three months, you’ll find Malaga quieter than you might be used to. This makes social distancing easy and means you get to enjoy the city without the crowds. And even if you do come across lots of people, the locals have taken social distancing well on board.

Excellent value for money

Another compelling reason why Malaga is the best first place to visit after lockdown is that the city offers excellent value of money. And you’ll get quality (and service with a smile) for your money. This means that you can treat yourselves after lockdown at wallet-friendly prices throughout the whole trip. Just what you need in these uncertain times.

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Plenty to do and see

Malaga offers something for everyone because this is a city where all ages and tastes will find something to do and see. Art lovers are spoilt for choice; history buffs will love the monuments; those in search of retail therapy can shop till they drop; foodies can feast to their heart’s content; sun worshippers can soak up endless rays; the kids can have fun (and get a warm welcome everywhere)…

Don’t believe us? Come and see for yourself!

Easy to get to

Good connections offer another reason to visit Malaga first after lockdown. Several airlines have already announced that they’re resuming their flights to Malaga from many European airports from July onwards. And if you’re flying from Europe, it’s a short-haul trip – perfect for that first venture out on a plane.

Because it’s Malaga

And our last reason why Malaga is the very best place to visit after lockdown comes in the city itself. As we said at the beginning, we’re obviously biased, but Guide to Malaga followers tell us time and time again – there’s something about Malaga. This is a city that makes you feel relaxed and at home from the moment you arrive. You’ll love its laid-back, feelgood vibe and let’s be honest, a couple of days spent enjoying life as it’s meant to be enjoyed is just what we all need right now.

Just one word of warning – Malaga is addictive so you’ll be back!

See you soon in Malaga!

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