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Malaga with a toddler

A family friend recently asked us about things to do in Malaga with a toddler. We’ve already written about activities in Malaga with kids (older and younger) but as all parents know, going on holiday with a toddler is a completely different ball game.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of fun things to get up to with a toddler when you’re on holiday in Malaga. The good news is that it’s a very child-friendly city and there are lots (and lots) of places to run about in. Plus plenty of good restaurants and bars where children are more than welcome.

The bad news is that the art museums in Malaga aren’t ideal for toddlers – too much stuff that you can’t touch. But if you’re willing to miss out on a full dose of art, Malaga is a great place to visit with your toddler.

Read on to discover our list of fun things to do in Malaga with a toddler.

fun things for toddlers in Malaga

Visit the beach

Top of our list of things to do in Malaga with a toddler is of course the beach. Fun for children of all ages, however young and in Malaga you’re spoilt for choice for a spot of relaxing while your toddler messes around on the sand. All the beaches in Malaga have blue-flag status (La Malagueta and La Misericordia) and they’re all close to the city centre so within easy walking distance.

Get the gear for your toddler from one of the kiosks along the seafront promenade. Hire a couple of sunbeds and umbrella for extra relaxation (and for that all-important afternoon nap). And get yourselves fed and watered from 1 of the beachfront restaurants – surprisingly good value and right on the sands.

Keep it safe

Some of the beaches in Malaga shelve steeply into the water meaning you’re quickly out of your depth. Keep bathing safe for toddlers by heading for the beaches in El Palo and Pedregalejo. Here the little bays keep the water shallow. Or make your way to the west end of the Misericordia beach where it’s nice and shallow.

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Run about

Unless they’re due for a nap or exhausted, most toddlers would rather be out of the pushchair and running around. There are lots of places in Malaga where your youngster can run free and safely.

things to do in Malaga with toddlers

We like:

Muelle Dos – safer than Muelle Uno because the glass barrier separates the pergola walkway from the water. Also plenty of play parks – don’t miss the ‘glockenspiel’ tiles and the chimes.

Paseo del Parque – wide enough to be safe from the traffic on either side and guaranteed fun with lots of little pathways to explore and play hide and seek. There’s a good play park near the auditorium with a handy kiosk for a welcome coffee or something stronger.

Calle Alcazabilla – plenty of room to run about here (and nice views of the Alcazaba and Roman Theatre for the parents).

Play in the park

Another on our list of great things to do with a toddler in Malaga is visit a play park. There are lots dotted around the city. Those that have been tried and tested by toddlers we know include:

Play park in Plaza Enrique García-Herrera – this one’s great for younger children and has the advantage of being within easy reach of several great places to eat in Malaga.

Huelín – there are lots of play parks on the beaches in Malaga but kids of all ages love the pirate ship on the seafront at Huelin where the western promenade starts.

Get on your bike

One of the best and easiest ways of getting around Malaga is by bike. Mostly flat terrain and lots of bike lanes make it ideal for two wheels.

You can hire regular bikes or electric bikes. These companies include bike seats for small children and can also rent children’s bikes, pull-along trolleys and essential accessories such as helmets.

Getting around in Malaga by bike

See those animals

Fun things to do in Malaga with a toddler should probably include animals. There are no zoos in Malaga itself, but the Parque del Oeste is a fun option if your toddler loves animals. Just a short bus trip or bike ride to the west of the city centre, this park is home to some wallabies and emus plus lots of interesting water birds and terrapins. There’s also a resident chameleon who really does change colour if you watch for long enough.

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Make it a museum

Most museums in Malaga are not ideal for toddlers, but the following are fun and most importantly of all, toddler-friendly with lots of things to touch:

Music Museum – definitely one of the best things to do in Malaga with a toddler and perfect for kids of any age. Here, they’re allowed to touch and make as much noise as they like here. The museum also runs a programme of children’s activities and events, usually in Spanish, but always fun.

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Monthly events for toddlers in Malaga

The city has a great round-up of events every month and many are family-friendly. To find out what’s on in Malaga when you’re in town, read our monthly post.

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