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Why take private Spanish classes in Malaga

If learning Spanish is on your list of New Year’s resolutions or if you just feel it’s time you got to grips with the lingo, Malaga makes a great place to start. Once you’ve made the decision, you need to decide whether to join an academy or take private Spanish classes in Malaga. In this article, we make the case for one-to-one tuition – just you and your teacher, and in Malaga.

In Malaga

The city makes a great place to learn Spanish for a number of reasons. Sunny weather, easy connections, wallet-friendly destination, friendly locals, handy for exploring Andalusia… In fact, we can think of ten – read more about those here. But why take private Spanish classes in Malaga?

Did you know? Private Spanish classes in Malaga can also be socially-distanced. Or if you’d rather, online. 

In your own time

We all learn at different paces. Some of us are quick to pick up a concept, but slower to understand others. You might discover that you’re a whizz when it comes to Spanish verbs but that getting your head round adjective-noun agreement takes you a while. Taking private classes mean you learn everything at your pace.

In your schedule

Most language academies have ready-made timetables for their classes and students have no choice but to fit in with those. If you choose private Spanish tuition, you can timetable it to fit with your schedule. Private teachers are much more flexible, so you’ll be able to learn Spanish at a time that suits you.

For your reasons

Whatever your reasons for learning Spanish – maybe you would like to talk to the locals, need it to get a job, want to have a business meeting in Spanish, have an important exam on the horizon or just because – tailor-made tuition will take you further. Bear in mind that in a classroom, everyone follows the teacher’s lesson plan and learns the same thing. Private Spanish classes in Malaga take your reasons in account. Your personal tutor will tailor the lesson plans to you and only you.

With more confidence

One of the biggest obstacles to learning language is self-confidence. Most of us worry we’re going to mess up the pronunciation, get the wrong verb ending or even make an embarrassing mistake. When you’re in a one-to-one situation, you feel more comfortable and have more confidence. That doesn’t mean you’ll get it right all the time, but at least you’re not worried about the rest of the class laughing at you.

In your own environment

Another big advantage of taking private Spanish classes in Malaga comes in the location. You can choose where to have your class. In your own space – maybe your self-catering apartment or hotel lounge. At your teacher’s – many private teachers give tuition from their own home. Or at a completely different venue – in a café, a park or even on the beach.

With a local

Choose the right teacher for your private Spanish classes in Malaga and you’ll get the chance to discover the city from a local’s point of view. Imagine learning vocabulary in Atarazanas Market or practising your verb endings as you wander along the Paseo del Parque. Or simply chatting (in Spanish of course) as you explore Malaga and discover the city’s delights.

Learn Spanish for real in Malaga

Sandra Rodríguez at SandraTeach offers private Spanish classes in Malaga. She designs a special programme for all her students to ensure they achieve their language goals. Sandra also offers immersion courses, ideal for really getting to grips with Spanish. They include a pre-online course, intensive language learning in Malaga itself and mentoring sessions. Get in touch with Sandra here, via email or on (+34) 678 295 589.

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