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guide to live music in Malaga

Where to hear live music in Malaga

Whether you’re a classical fan, love jazz, adore pop rock, are into salsa or just like a band playing on your night out, there’s a venue for your type of live music in Malaga. Read on for a round-up of the best places to catch a concert while you’re in the city.

We’ve arranged the venues by music type and as always, provided a useful map locating each and every one.

Where to hear classical live music in Malaga

Cervantes Theatre

The city’s main theatre (with great acoustics) is home to the Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra who offer monthly concerts from September to June. The programme usually takes in the biggest names in classical music and also includes choral pieces at Christmas and Easter.

Tickets usually start at a very affordable €9 (for the lofty seats right up at the top) up to around €35.

Top tip: if you’re often in Malaga it’s worth buying an annual season ticket.

Find out more about live music at the Cervantes Theatre here.

Plaza de Cervantes

live classical music in MalagaSala Maria Cristina

This lovely concert hall to the north of the old quarter holds regular classical concerts throughout the year. They tend to feature city and provincial orchestras and musical groups, mostly instrumental but also the occasional choral repertoire plus a smattering of jazz. Tickets from €10.

Top tip: you can visit the concert hall 10am to 8pm Monday to Friday free of charge.

See the programme (in Spanish only) at this live music venue here.

Calle Marqués de Valdecañas 2

Museo Jorge Rando

This modern art museum tucked away to the north of the old quarter holds a lunchtime concert at noon every Saturday in the chapel next door. Expect chamber music and choral pieces in a lovely setting. Free entry.

Top tip: don’t miss the lovely Salamanca market opposite.

See what’s on at the museum here.

Calle Cruz del Molinillo 12


Where to hear international and Spanish music in Malaga

Malaga attracts big names on both the international and Spanish music scene. Concerts take place at several venues around the city including the Cervantes Theatre (see above), the Palacio de Deportes Martín Carpena and outdoors during big events, particularly Malaga Fair.

Find out who’s playing when at the tourist office or check out our monthly what’s on in Malaga post for details.

Where to hear jazz in Malaga

Malaga has a thriving jazz scene, but just one venue in town holds regular live sessions.

The Wall Bar (inside the Hotel Posada del Patio) with live music on Friday and Saturday evenings.

The Hall (Calle  Héroe de Sostoa 64, west of the mainline train station) has a year-round calendar of live music including jazz at least once a week. Check the programme here

For more information, see our dedicated post on jazz in Malaga.

Top tip: the annual Malaga Jazz Festival takes place in November with a full round-up of the best. See the above post for info. 

live jazz in Malaga

Where to hear beachside live music in Malaga

Listening to a band play as you enjoy lunch, dinner or just a drink next to the sea is something pretty special. Several venues by the sea in Malaga have regular live music sessions:

El Balneario de los Baños del Carmen

You’re right by the sea at the city’s historic bathhouses (when the surf’s up the waves splash right in!). Regular concerts from local groups take place throughout the year, usually at weekends. Check the programme here. Free entry but you have to buy a drink and/or food.


About half-way down the Pergola, this bar/restaurant offers port-side live music at weekends, usually from 5pm. Usually local bands with a max of three musicians and/or singer.


At the far western end of the seafront link this beach restaurant has live music (usually Spanish music or DJ sessions) on Saturday and Sunday afternoons/evenings. For extra chill, rent one of the beach beds to really relax while you’re listening.


Where to hear live pop rock in Malaga

If your thing is pop rock, you’ve also got a good choice in Malaga where the following venues offer regular live music concerts in this genre.

pop concerts in Malaga

ZZ Pub

Something of a classic (they’ve been holding daily concerts here since 1991!), this loud and brash venue right in the city centre has something every single evening (from 10pm or midnight). Rock and blues nights take place on Thursdays with pop joining the rock on Fridays. Saturdays are reserved for different groups, usually playing pop rock. Full details here. http://www.zzpub.es/

Calle Tejón y Rodríguez 6

Sala Paris 15

A bit out of the way this venue but worth the trip if you’re a dedicated fan of the group playing. The vibe leans towards heavy rock – think Avatar and Michael Schenker – but not always. Find out more here. http://paris15.es/

Calle La Orotava 25

Where to hear salsa in Malaga

And dance it too since it’s difficult to listen to salsa and not get up on your feet. The best venue for salsa and Latino live music in Malaga is Chiquita Cruz. This atmospheric club offers weekly salsa, bachata, merengue and reggaeton concerts, usually from Friday to Sunday evenings. Also the chance to learn the moves.

Plaza de las Flores 7

Top tip: all the above are small venues so if there’s a must-see concert get there early or book a ticket.

Where to hear flamenco in Malaga

And last but not least, the most typically Andalusian music – flamenco. Malaga has a lively flamenco scene with several venues offering reasonably authentic shows.


Flamenco events take place regularly throughout the year at the Cervantes Theatre and Picasso Museum. Check out our monthly round-up of events for details – but book early as locals are big fans!

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