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Inspirational view of Malaga

7 (inspirational) things to do during lockdown in Malaga

As Guide to Malaga fans know, Malaga is on lockdown like the rest of Spain (and many places in the world). This makes enjoying the city difficult and poses something of a challenge for us at Guide to Malaga – did you know our Events section usually gets tens of thousands visits a month, but right now it’s as quiet as a mouse? But you can still ‘get out there’ and ‘see’ the city and its attractions so we’ve rounded up the best. Read on for 7 inspirational things to do during lockdown in Malaga.

Visit the Alcazaba and Gibralfaro

During lockdown in Malaga, 360-degree tech is coming into its own. And thanks to this great feature, you can take a tour of the two of the best historic monuments in Malaga.

Check out the Alcazaba

First up is the Moorish fortress. Click here and take a stroll round the gardens, along the battlements and through the palace rooms. Best of all? Walk up to the windows and take in those fabulous views!

Top tip – take a slow virtual tour because if you click too enthusiastically, the view swerves all over the place…

Find out more about the Alcazaba and what to see when you’re (really) there.

Walk the walls at the Gibralfaro

Not to be outdone, the Gibralfaro Castle also has its own virtual tour. As you’ll know if you’ve visited, there isn’t much to see inside the walls. The main attraction here is walking round the perimeter of the monument along the battlements. And this Google link allows you to do just that. Watch your step though…

Check out Malaga from above

While we’re virtual visiting, why not check out the entire city? This great 360º visit allows you to ‘fly’ over Malaga and see it with a bird’s eye view. It starts you off at the Cathedral and then where you go is entirely up to you. There’s even some flamenco guitar music to get you in the mood. And the sun is shining and even the streets are reasonably quiet (although not deserted as they are now on lockdown in Malaga!).

Get the latest info on coronavirus in Malaga.

Plan your next visit

We don’t always have time to really prepare for our holiday so why not use the lockdown in Malaga to plan for your next visit? Our website comes packed with ideas and information – have a good browse and discover those articles you haven’t had time to read yet. (Good job there’s plenty of time because there are over 400 of them!)

Or save yourself all that wonderful reading and buy yourself a copy of our eguide, Malaga on a Short Break, which does all the planning for you. Study it carefully and plan for your trip whether it’s for 3, 4 or 5 days.


Take a lesson in art

Malaga had some amazing new art programmed for this spring so it’s disappointing not to be able to enjoy it in the museums themselves. But, the good news is that most exhibitions are on hold, waiting for all this to be over.

And while we’re sitting at home, the Picasso Museum has come up with a great idea. You can learn all about some of the works on display at the latest exhibition, Genealogies of Art. Look at Le Corbusier’s chair, Malévich’s Black Quadrilateral… and listen to an interpretation of them (link no longer available).

(Pretend you can) smell the wisteria

Another thing we’re missing this spring are those gorgeous purple blooms at the Botanical Gardens. They come into their own from mid-March onwards and are definitely one of the best things to see in Malaga in spring. But luckily, we were there last year and took a video tour. Sit back, relax and enjoy all the purple.

Get a front-row seat at the ballet

The Cervantes Theatre website has a ton of (short) videos of past performances and concerts, and you get the best seat. One of our favourites screens excerpts from Marie Antoinette ballet performed by the Mandalain Ballet Biarritz.

Sit back, relax and feast your eyes here.

Enjoy Malaga at Home

At Guide to Malaga we’ve introduced a whole new section on our website for the Covid-19 situation. Seeing as you can’t come to the city, we’re bringing the city to you. Look out for the sights, sounds, tastes and experiences of Malaga over the next few weeks. We’ve got some fun videos and activities coming up so do join in.

Follow the Guide to Malaga Facebook page for updates at least every other day (please share to your heart’s content!) and bookmark My Malaga At Home in your browser favourites. We think this is a great way to ‘be’ in Malaga.

Stay safe

And lastly, the biggest recommendation during lockdown in Malaga and anywhere – stay safe, stay at home and remember, this will pass. We look forward to seeing you very, very soon!

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