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Inspirational pictures to bring My Malaga At Home alive

Introducing My Malaga At Home

There’s something eerie about seeing such a wonderful city shut down to visitors and locals. Knowing that no one can enjoy Malaga as usual is both frustrating and sad for the Guide to Malaga team, but we know it’s for the best and only way to get through this. To find a way round this, we put on our thinking caps and came up with My Malaga at Home. This new section brings Malaga to wherever you are locked down in the world.

About My Malaga At Home

The idea behind My Malaga At Home is that since you can’t come to Malaga, we bring the city to you. We want you to be reminded of the city, its sights and attractions, its sounds and tastes, and its experiences. In a nutshell, we’re looking to keep the Malaga flame burning bright while this lasts.

What’s in the new section?

We’ve prepared a full programme of posts, articles and videos for you over the next few weeks. Working closely with great Malaga businesses and people we know in the city, we’re going to bringing the city alive on your screen.

Expect to see some cooking and some dancing. Get ready to listen in to some great music. Be prepared to learn some essential phrases for your next visit. See some great art. Expect a few surprises. But most of all, look forward to experiencing Malaga even on lockdown!

Watch the introductory video

What are your hashtags?

We’ve using mainly two throughout the lockdown:



Where can I find My Malaga At Home?

All the articles (including all the videos) will be posted in this section as and when we publish them on social media. You can also keep up with the latest on bringing Malaga into your own home on our social media channels:

How often will there be new content?

We’re putting together a busy calendar and we’re expecting to upload something new at least every other day. It ultimately depends on how fast Malaga businesses can put their videos and ideas together. Ideally, we’d love to add something every single day, but for the moment, we’re going for every other.

What about when the lockdown is over?

This website section will continue with all the content added during the lockdown. We think it’ll be a great place for anyone thinking of visiting Malaga – an interesting tour to see what the city is like and what to expect. And of course, it’ll be great for anyone who can’t actually travel to Malaga for whatever reason even when the COVID-19 crisis is over (and remember, it will be!).

Can I contribute to My Malaga At Home?

If you’ve got any ideas on how to bring Malaga into people’s homes during the lockdown, please get in touch with Joanna via email. If you’re a Malaga business and would like the chance to feature, just let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

Final words

Remember that this will pass and at the end of it, Malaga will be still here, ready and waiting for you to visit. This is one fantastic city with a ton of things to offer. All we have to do is stay safe, stay at home and bide our time. We look forward to seeing you in Malaga very soon, but meanwhile, enjoy My Malaga At Home!

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