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Malaga Quiz with prizes

Next up on our My Malaga At Home section comes the Malaga Quiz. The short quiz tests your knowledge of Malaga and Guide to Malaga as well. Nothing too taxing, but you’ll probably need to have a look around our website for some of the answers. Or maybe they’re all Google-able!

Note that the Quiz deadline has ended and we’re not accepting any more entries.

Prizes for the Malaga Quiz

Everyone who gets all 9 questions correct in our Malaga Quiz automatically enters our prize draw with 10 copies of Malaga on a Short Break up for grabs. This downloadable guide, priced at €7.95, has all the information you need to make the most of Malaga whether you’re visiting for 3, 4 or 5 days. It includes detailed itineraries of what to do and see, where to eat and drink, plus lots of insider tips to ensure the best possible short break in Malaga.

How to enter the Malaga Quiz

It really couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is pop down to the quiz below (created on SurveyMonkey) and start answering the questions. It’s simple multiple choice with 3 possibles for each question. Once you’ve finished, add your email address (see Conditions below) and click Done. We’ll then collate all the entries and discover who has got all the questions right. Those who have enter our automatised draw and the lucky 10 winners will get their copy of Malaga on a Short Break

Clues to help you out

As we said, all the answers to the Malaga Quiz are on our website. Obviously we don’t expect you to browse all 400+ pages – you’re very welcome to do so and you’ll learn so much about Malaga in the process! – so if we were you, we’d take a look at the About us section, the Museums, Unusual things to do, Guide to eating out, Expats in Malaga…  For a start. And of course, Google will help you out too.

Conditions for participating

By entering the My Malaga At Home Malaga Quiz you agree to provide us with your email address. We obviously need this to send you your copy of Malaga on a Short Book (it’s a downloadable pdf) and we’ll also put your email on the mailing list for our free fortnightly newsletter. The newsletter comes out every other Friday and contains news about what’s on in Malaga and what’s new on the Guide to Malaga website. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time using the Unsubscribe button at the bottom.

We will only use your email address to send you your prize (if you’re a lucky winner) and the newsletter. We never share email data with third parties. You can find out more about our privacy policy here. If you don’t agree with these conditions, please don’t enter the quiz.

Winners will be announced in the newsletter published on Friday 24 April. Good luck!

Meanwhile as always, stay safe and we hope to see you very soon!

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