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The Pergola in Malaga

My Malaga at Home videos

Since Malaga went into lockdown, Guide to Malaga has been taking the city to the nearest screen. Part of this initiative involves some fun videos covering different aspects of life in the city. They hope to make you smile, feel good, forget about this awful situation for a couple of minutes and inspire you with a dose of Malaga. Read on for the round-up of the My Malaga At Home videos.

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Malaga food and drink

One of the big topics for our My Malaga At Home videos is obviously gastronomy. We couldn’t hope to inspire anyone about Malaga without a look at the food and drink in the city. So, here are our latest videos bringing typical Malaga food and drink into your home.

Malaga Coffee and Breakfast with Sandra Teach

Sandra Rodríguez starts the Malaga morning with a guide to how to order your coffee in Malaga. This is a city with 10 different types so you need to know the names to make sure you get your correct shot of caffeine.

Sandra filmed this in her gorgeous garden so you get a real sense of outdoor life in Malaga as well as a lesson in which coffee to ask for! Listen carefully to the pronunciation – Sandra is an amazing Spanish teacher. And currently has lessons online!

Sandra took us one step further in our Spanish breakfast lesson with another video about the different types of bread roll in Malaga. Watch, listen and take note of the one you’ll be ordering next for breakfast in Malaga!


Spanish tapa and pairing with La Rosilla

Lynsey Drake takes us through to lunch with a lesson in how to make an easy Malaga tapa and the right wine to pair it with. She also gives us a glimpse of her lovely home in the Montes de Malaga mountains to the east of the city.

Lynsey knows what she’s talking about as she runs great cookery classes at La Rosilla. Something to plan for the future when you can travel to Malaga again!


Wine tasting with Julián

Julián is the owner of one of the biggest wine cellars in Malaga. At Los Patios de Beatas on Calle Beatas, the wine list runs longer than anywhere in town and he knows exactly how to pair them.

Check out his tasting suggestions – both wines are delicious – and look out for them next time you’re at your local wine store. And try them in person when you’re next in Malaga.

Malaga cheese board with Jessica

Jessica runs Your Planner and organises tailormade corporate events in the city. She’s prepared for us a delicious cheese and cold cuts board, literally groaning with Malaga deliciousness.

Malaga leisure time

Most of us have found ourselves with perhaps more leisure time than we planned for right now. So, it made sense for the My Malaga At Home videos to include some things to keep your mind and body occupied.

Flamenco style with Eva

Eva isn’t from Malaga – she’s a flamenco teacher in Seville, but flamenco is universal and we couldn’t think of anyone better to teach us the real thing. In her first video, Eva explains how to clap flamenco-style.

Watch, listen and practise so that next time you come to Malaga you can clap like a pro. Don’t miss Eva’s terrace, beautifully decked out like a real caseta at Malaga or Seville Fair. And if you fancy learning more, book an online lesson with Eva. Fun and laughs guaranteed!

Keeping fit with Ben

Now that we’re warmed up, it’s time to get that body really moving. Ben from The Living Room Coworking Space shows us how it’s done. To be honest, we had to go and have a lie down after watching the video, but this is a challenge worth taking on. And yes, we’ve got more than enough time right now to get there.

Pump up the volume and try the moves. Don’t miss Ben’s fantastic views of Malaga – yours to enjoy when you can travel to Malaga!

Meditating with Laura

The tempo slows right down now with Laura from Zen Studio, one of the best places to practise yoga and meditation in Malaga. Laura guides us through a Malaga meditation to bring us some well-needed calm and tranquility.

Don’t miss Laura’s fantastic views. Picture these when you’re doing one of her online meditation or yoga sessions. And make a mental note to visit Zen Studio in person when you’re next in Malaga.

Malaga views

As Guide to Malaga fans know, we do love a view! Unsurprisingly then, the fabulous views in the city feature in several of the My Malaga At Home videos.

Joanna introduces you to her Malaga at Home in this video. Check out the views of the Montes de Malaga and the park below. There’s even a hint of the Mediterranean round the corner.

This video also celebrates the amazing visitor figures to the Guide to Malaga website in March. Over 37,000 people visited last month, an absolute record that smashes our usual 25,000. So, here’s to that and thank you for your support.

Bookmark this page for more My Malaga at Home videos as we’ll be adding them as soon as we get there.

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See you soon in Malaga 😊

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