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traditional shopping in Malaga

Traditional shopping in Malaga

Take a walk down Calle Larios and you might think traditional shopping in Malaga has died out. But head for some of the back streets you’ll discover that shops doing things the traditional way are alive and well.

We’ve been out and about, and put together a list of the best old-fashioned shops in Malaga. We describe where they are, what they sell and why they’re well worth popping into for a peek. Read on for your guide to traditional shopping in Malaga.

Traditional shoe shopping in Malaga

Malaga is pretty good at shoe shops, but what about if you fancy buying some typical footwear? After all, a pair of handmade espadrilles make a great souvenir or gift plus they’re right on trend for this summer.

traditional shopping in Malaga for shoes
Calzados Hinojosa – for your espadrilles

One of the best spots for traditional shopping in Malaga comes in the shape of Calzados Hinojosa in Calle San Juan. Don’t be put off by your first glance – the 3 windows are jam packed with slippers and shoes that can only be described as Granny. Remember you’re here for the espadrilles so walk right in and take a look to the right of the counter.

All the colours and sizes you could wish for. And from just €7 (almost 1920 prices!). Plus if you fancy trying your hand at making your own espadrilles, you can buy the hemp here too. Also a sweet line in kiddies shoes.

All colours and sizes

Calle San Juan 20

Top tip – Calle San Juan has lots of great small shops from typical Malaga produce and organic fruit and veg to antique prints and Spanish ceramics. Take a stroll on your next visit to Malaga.


Traditional shopping in Malaga for bits ‘n bobs

Maybe you don’t need a new hammer or a picture hook on your holiday in Malaga, but this ironmongers is well worth a visit. It probably takes the prize for the oldest of the traditional shops in Malaga – Ferretería Llavín has been selling everything you need for the tool box, kitchen and garden for over 150 years. It’s also the only ironmongers left in the centre of the city.

traditional shopping in Malaga ironmongers
All your tool box needs

Make a stop here on your tour of traditional shopping in Malaga to admire the range of products. Boxes of bits ‘n bobs pile sky high behind the counter and the rest of the shop displays a long list of items. This must be one of the few places in the city where you can buy nails, hooks and screws by the number instead of a pack containing dozens you’re never going to use. And even if you’re not buying DIY accessories, this is a great place to get a souvenir paella dish, bamboo sardine espeto shewers and a proper coffee pot.

Did someone say door handle?

Calle Santa María 15

Top tip – for lots more information about shopping in Malaga, read our dedicated post (the most popular read on the Guide to Malaga blog!).


Traditional lotions and potions

The chemists on Calle San Juan don’t actually do much of a line in traditional lotions and potions, but the shop itself takes you back to the past. We love the original shelves lined with huge jars and vases, and the authentic scales.

traditional shopping in Malaga chemists
Traditional chemists

This chemist has been around since 1886 and is one of the few in Malaga to preserve its original fittings. Worth popping your head round the door to take a look at a pharmacy right out of the 19th century.

A traditional weigh-in

Calle San Juan 40

Top tip – if you’re in need of a pick-you-up, pop into Bertani next door for a cup of the best coffee in Malaga. The café is very small on size but huge on flavour. Drink in and your coffee comes served in a china coffee cup.

Traditional buttons and braids

While you’re traditional shopping in Malaga, head for Calle Marqués for a feast of haberdashery. Like ironmongers, traditional sewing shops are becoming few and far between. Malaga, however, has a few to offer and Mercería Torre is definitely one of the best.

traditional shopping in Malaga for sewing
Pick a braid, any braid

This is a treasure trove of buttons, braids, cottons and lace. Plus they offer a wide selection of accessories (lace, combs and brooches) to create the perfect Spanish mantilla. How’s that for the perfect souvenir?

Calle Marqués 3

Top tip – don’t miss Calle Andrés Pérez, just round the corner from Calle Nosquera. Read our walking tour to find out what you can see there.

Make sure your visit to Malaga is just perfect in every way – check out all the information you need, bang up-to-date and all recommendations tried and trusted!



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