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love the bright lights in Malaga

Bright lights in Malaga

We recently read a post about the bright lights in New York and that got us thinking about Malaga. There is, of course, no way the city can compete with Manhattan, Paris, the world Queen of Lights or even Blackpool. But if you do like illuminations, Malaga has plenty to offer. Read on to discover where you can love the bright lights in Malaga.

Bright lights in Malaga at night

Our top viewing spots to see the lights are:

From the Cathedral rooftops – not only do you get a great view of the city lights below you, you also see the tower in its full illuminated glory. To book your ticket (guided tour only), you need to go to the Bishop’s Palace ticket office. Evening visits take place on the hour Monday to Friday 5-8pm.

This video gives you an idea of what you’ll see:

From the Gibralfaro viewing platfrom – it’s a bit of climb to get to this view, but the effort is more than worth it. And the walk down takes in the lights all the way.

From Muelle Uno – this is our favourite night time view of Malaga because it includes the main monuments, the pergola and you see the lights shining in the sea.

lights in Malaga port

From the ferris wheel – there’s something very special about being 70m up in the air and looking down on the city at night. Open until 9.30pm Monday to Friday and Sunday, and until 10.30pm on Saturday, three turns on the big wheel cost €10 for adults. If there are 4 of you, tickets are €8 each. Find out more.


Best illuminated monuments

Malaga certainly doesn’t scrimp when it comes to lighting up the city’s monuments at night. Take a stroll round the old quarter and around the port to take in the illuminated sights. We think the best are:

Alcazaba & Gibralfaro – the night lights really showcase this historic monument at night. The best views of the Alcazaba are from the Roman Theatre and Batik Restaurant roof top terrace. You can see the best of the Gibralfaro from Muelle Uno and the Cathedral.

Alcazaba lights in Malaga

Cathedral – the façade perhaps looks its best at night. Don’t miss the view from Plaza del Obispo where the Bishop’s Palace also lights up nicely too. For the best views of the tower at night, head for the Cathedral rooftops or the rooftop terrace at AC Palacio Hotel or Molina Larios Hotel.

Pompidou – lovely by day, the multi-coloured cube looks even lovelier by night. Look out for the reds, blues and greens from the Gibralfaro viewing platform or get up close from Muelle Uno.

Pompidou cube at night in Malaga

Calle Larios – the best street for shopping in Malaga looks great at night. Its elegant façades and marble flooring come into their own when they’re lit up by the old-fashioned street lamps.


Bright lights in Malaga at Christmas

But Malaga does lights best of all at Christmas. The illuminations on Calle Larios rank as some of the best in the world and attract tourists in their droves. And the Christmas lights throughout the city are undoubtedly one of the festive highlights.

Christmas lights in Malaga

See them every evening from late November to 6 January. They’re switched on at 6.30pm and stay on until after midnight. Read more about Christmas in Malaga.

Bright fireworks in Malaga

In true Spanish tradition, Malaga puts on great firework displays. They don’t last long, but they’re more than spectacular and well worth making a point of seeing. The city holds 2 main firework displays a year:

Noche de San Juan – celebrating the summer solstice, fireworks go off from La Malagueta beach from midnight on 23 June.

fireworks in Malaga

Malaga Fair – heralding the start of the 10-day celebrations, fireworks for Malaga Fair provide the biggest display of the year. Action starts just after midnight from La Malagueta beach on the first night of the fair.

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