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5 reasons to take an e-bike tour in Malaga

As fans of Guide to Malaga know, we’re keen cyclists. In fact, a bike is our preferred and favourite way of getting round the city. But we own push bikes and have never tried any other sort. So, it was great excitement that we joined an e-bike tour in Malaga to discover what it’s like to see the city sights with almost no effort at all.

A Malaga e-bike tour is easy

Malaga is a flat city that is ideal for cycling – when we’re out and about on our bikes, we rarely change gears. But it does have its hills and slopes. And of course, the best views of Malaga come from above with perhaps the best of all, from the Gibralfaro.

With an e-bike, getting up those hills and slopes is as easy as pressing a button. E-bikes come with a small device attached to the handlebars with a button to take you up and down the power.

Sharida from Bike Tours Malaga calls it ‘your support’. And it is rather like that. Press once and you’re in Eco, a gently gliding mode helping you turn those pedals. Press again and you have a series of modes right up to Turbo when the bike almost flies on it own.

Did you know? E-bikes don’t go on their own because you still have to pedal. But not hard – think of it as a leisurely push even when you’re going uphill.

You see more of Malaga

Having the ‘support’ of the electric motor means you can further in the allotted time slot of three hours. Our Malaga e-bike tour took us far and wide in the city, quickly and easily.

  • We checked out the street art in Lagunillas (the steep hill up Calle Poeta Concha Méndez felt like a breeze in Sport mode).
  • We cycled up to the Gibralfaro (the very steep climb literally flew past as we tried out the Turbo mode).
  • We biked into Pedregalejo and then back into town (the Eco mode can in handy here to give you more time to take in the views as you glide by).
At the top of Gibralfaro on an e-bike tour in Malaga
As fresh as a daisy after cycling up to the Gibralfaro

Did you know? As well as going on an e-bike tour in Malaga, you can also hire an electric bike. This would be an excellent option if you’re thinking of cycling in the Malaga mountains.

It’s fun

There are tons of tours in Malaga, but only the best are fun. The e-bike tour is one of the latter. We also felt exhilarated as we breezed up the Gibralfaro hill in the sunshine.

You stay as fresh as a daisy

The thing about bikes and hills is that it takes effort to get up them. Of course, there’s the reward on the other side as you go down, but there’s no getting away from the tough leg work you have to do to reach the top.

Jump on an e-bike, however, and it’s a completely different story. You do your bit pedalling and the bike does the rest.

The result? You get to the top without breaking into a sweat or feeling your heart pounding in your chest.

Views of Malaga seen on an e-bike tour
Stunning views of Malaga even in the mist!

And even better, you get to take in the views and enjoy them as you ride up. For us, this is perhaps the most compelling reason to take an e-bike tour in Malaga.

Did you know? E-bikes are heavier than regular push bikes. But because the motor does the hard work for you, you don’t notice the extra weight.

It isn’t expensive

For obvious reasons, taking an e-bike tour in Malaga is more expensive than the push-bike option. But the price is only €39 for three hours – just €12 more than the you-do-all-the-leg-work option.

The e-bike rental options cost from €20 for four hours or €30 for the day.  

Thank you for Bike Tour Malaga

Guide to Malaga would like to thank Sharida and the team at Bike Tours Malaga for making our e-bike tour such fun. We were very well looked after and saw so much of Malaga.

Find out more about Bike Tours Malaga.

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