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On the Gibralfaro mirador as part of a Malaga Segway tour

A Malaga Segway Tour to see the sights

There’s something about Malaga that lends itself very well to getting around easily. Wide open pedestrian spaces (including the new Alameda Principal), flat terrain and a great climate make the city perfect for exploring easily and comfortably. But to get the best views you need to climb high and one of the best ways to do with almost no effort at all is on a Malaga Segway tour.

Why a Segway

Choosing to go sightseeing in Malaga on two electric wheels comes with several advantages:

Firstly, it’s easy – we were surprised to discover just how simple riding a Segway is. Despite my initial reservations – my coordination isn’t great and I tend to fall off things – it took me about 5 minutes to get the hang of it.

Secondly, it’s fun – a Malaga Segway tour brings a fun factor to your sightseeing as there’s something pretty cool about making your way round the city riding two big wheels.

And thirdly, you glide – we regularly make the long climb up to the Gibralfaro and it’s seriously tough on foot and by bike. But jump on a Segway and you literally glide your way up the hill. There’s zero effort involved so you get to benefit from those fabulous views with no sweat at all.

How it works

Our chosen Malaga Segway Tour, TopSegway includes a lesson before your tour starts. They talk you through the basics (and they really are basic) and then you get to take your time to learn the ropes. Allow 5 to 10 minutes for this and you really don’t need any longer.

Outside the Museum of Malaga on a Segway Tour

Just lean forwards to go and lean backwards to stop. Turn the handlebar to the side to turn. And that’s it. Balance isn’t an issue because your feet sit on a wide, stable base. Parking a Segway turns out to easy too and our guide Fedo uses the Harry Potter Platform 9¾ so you get the knack.

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What you see on a Malaga Segway Tour

Most Segway companies offer a choice of tour round Malaga. In an hour, you can expect to see the historic centre and get up to the Gibralfaro for those views. The 2-hour tour with TopSegway includes these plus a little more exploring about Muelle Uno and the Port plus an experience of Segways at their fastest (20kph). The company also runs a longer tour that takes you to the west of Malaga to discover some hidden gems there.

Importantly when you’re on a tour, Fedo adapted it to our interests. He went easy on the history but had plenty of unusual facts up his sleeve so we learnt something new. Not easy when your tour guests know Malaga so well. He is also clearly passionate about Malaga and keen to share the best views and architectural details you might miss if you were wandering about on your own.

How to choose a Segway tour

Several companies offer Malaga Segway tours but go with one that offers excellent equipment, follows safety measures and has good reviews.

The Segway itself is the most important aspect and if possible, go for a company with genuine American Segways, not the Chinese versions. As Fedo explained, the real thing has a wider platform so balance is easier and you’ve got more room especially if you have big feet. And genuine Segways are better at keeping your speed in check and automatically slow down on steep slopes, like on the descent from the Gibralfaro, for example.

Segways might be easy to ride, but safety is paramount. You should wear a helmet (beware of a company that doesn’t provide one) and have plenty of time to find your feet before you set out. Our guide Fedo also gave us some basic guidelines for moving among the crowds to avoid accidents.

He also went the extra mile to make sure we were all safe going up and down to the Gibralfaro. It had rained hard the night before and the track was covered in large rocks and branches. Fedo guided us carefully round the obstacles so that no one tipped their Segway over.



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