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murder mystery tour in Malaga

Murder mystery tours in Malaga

Cluedo is 1 of my favourite board games. As a child I loved the thrill of discovering who had murdered the mysterious Dr Black and I had a morbid fascination with the implements too. And Cluedo aside, who doesn’t love a good whodunnit?

So I was only too pleased to don my Sherlock Holmes hat and join the Malaga Crime Tour with Malaga City Adventures. Like last year, my daughter Julia joined me on what is becoming an annual Guide to Malaga event!

Cluedo tours in Malaga

This city tour takes Cluedo to a whole new level. No Dr Black in this one. No lead piping or candlesticks. And definitely no ballrooms or libraries.

Instead, we have Pablo Picasso as the murder victim. It turns out that the great painter rather than dying peacefully in the south of France met a rather sticky end in his home city.

The murder weapons too have a decidedly local feel. All a treat for the senses but with deadly potential. And as for where, Malaga city centre becomes 1 giant Cluedo board. The 5 possible crime scene all form part and parcel of daily life in Malaga.

The hunt is on

Like their Sightseeing Treasure Hunt, this Malaga City Adventures tour has obviously been very well thought-out. The plot is ingenious and full of twists and turns.

Armed with the company’s trade mark GPS tracking system, a Malaga Crime Tour booklet and bag full of handy gadgets, intrepid crime solvers visit alleyways, gardens, squares and hidden corners in their quest for clues.


solving clues on tours in Malaga
Clues take you on and off the beaten track in Malaga

This innovative tour in Malaga consists of 15 clue stations in total. Each hides a clue to the identity of the murderer, his or her weapon and where they carried out their dirty deed. And in true i cachr style, you have to search high and low to find the clue.

We particularly liked a couple of the park clues where we found ourselves constructing a puzzle and putting our water bottle to an unexpected use.


Solving the crime

Like Cluedo, nothing is obvious and no clue solves another. You can’t deduce anything without visiting every room and working out the clue. Mathias and Elizabeth, the Malaga City Adventures creators recommend you take time out on the tour to read all the clues and work out who done it.

Ever ones to get in the mood, we chose the Picasso Museum café as our detective centre. Maybe the coffee wasn’t strong enough or the courtyard too peaceful for analytical thought, but it took us a while to get to the bottom of some of the clues.

Patio at Picasso Museum cafe
Too peaceful for detective work?

The revelation

Unlike Cluedo where you never know why Dr Black had to meet such a brutal end or discover anyone’s motives, the Malaga Crime Tour tells it all. When we arrived at our final destination, Julia and I were treated to a full explanation as why Picasso was murdered where he was and with such a deadly weapon.

Like last year, the final touch was lovely and quite unexpected. We’ve also got a lasting memento of the tour – who doesn’t love a takeaway gift? This is definitely 1 of the most innovative tours in Malaga and a very different thing to do in city.

About the Malaga Crime Tour

The Malaga Crime Tour takes between 2 to 3 hours depending on your detective skills and how quickly you move round the clue stations.  It costs €30 for adults, €25 for students and €10 for children aged 6 to 12. More information here.

Guide to Malaga would like to thank Malaga City Adventures for allowing us to take the tour. It isn’t often you get to spend a morning playing detective and I for one was glad to rediscover my inner Sherlock Holmes.

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