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electric car tour in Malaga outside Alcazaba

Taking an electric car tour in Malaga

In a year when the climate emergency has risen right to the top of the agenda, zero emissions when on holiday are more important than ever before. Especially to counterbalance the carbon footprint of your flight to Malaga. A good way to do this is to see the city as sustainably as possible – walk, ride a bike, take a Segway or join an electric car tour in Malaga.

In the latest of our series on tours in Malaga, we set off in an electric car to drive the city, see its sights, experience something different and have some fun at the same time. And of course with zero emissions. Read on to find out what to expect when you jump in an electric car and tour Malaga.

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The vehicle

Electric Car Tour Malaga have a fleet of 4 Renault Twizy cars. They line up outside the office in a neat row in the electric car parking spaces. They’re much smaller than regular cars and the wheels stick out of the front. The doors open upwards (I’m reminded of a space ship) and on this hot October day, we’re riding without windows.

Each Twizy takes just 2 passengers, one behind the other. Sliding into the back seat takes a bit of getting used to (my long legs need some persuading to fit), but then we discover that if you slide the front seat forward all the way, you can pop in and out quite easily.

Electric car tour Malaga at port

Driving is a breeze even if you have never driven an electric car before. It’s automatic of course so D for Drive and R for reverse are all you need to know on the gear front. Press on the accelerator to go and on the brake to stop. Then just drive normally.

As we put out into the busy Calle Álamos, we begin to get the feel for the engine and with the wind blowing a nice breeze into the car, we set off. Driving turns out to be easy-peasy and the car might be small but it responds well. Our guide tells us that it can reach a maximum speed of 85kph, although during our electric car tour in Malaga we rarely top 40kph.


The ride

Our guides Alejandro and Mario lead the way in the first car while the other 4 of us follow in a convoy of 2 more cars. Everyone stops and stares – we get requests for lifts and our photos are taken as we glide through the tunnel and out on the Paseo del Parque. I never get this when I’m in my Renault Megane!

Mario meanwhile gives us a potted history and points out the main things to see in Malaga. He does this through a walkie-talkie (another first for me) that sits on the back of the seat. Communication is instant and easy as everyone can hear loud and clear. He also gives us directions – stay in the inside lane on this roundabout, take the first left after us…

The ride itself is generally comfortable and even in the back you get a good view of the surroundings. The suspension is hard though as we discover when we reach the first speed bump. Top tip: slow right down for these when you take an electric car tour in Malaga.

The tour

Our 2-hour drive takes in a lot of Malaga even at less than 40kph. We tour the Paseo del Parque and back before heading to the cruise terminal via the pretty Paseo de la Farola. Mario regales us with anecdotes on the way including why Malaga’s lighthouse is ‘la’ in Spanish. When we reach the end of the Port, we park beside 2 giant cruise ships in town that day for a bit of background to Malaga history.

We then take the steep drive up to the Gibralfaro – the Twizys show their hidden strength here and release no stinky fumes into the air unlike the coach going down the other way. Malaga always looks magnificent from up high and this particular view of the city delivers time and time again.

The next stop on our electric car tour in Malaga is the seaside so back down on flat terrain again, we round the Malagueta and then drive to Pedregalejo and El Palo. The small size of the Twizy seems appropriate along El Palo seafront – quiet and unassuming but making a statement anyway. The delicious smell of grilled sardines comes in the windows and we’re reminded to head back to the city centre for lunch.

Why choose an electric car tour in Malaga

  • You have a lot of fun – you can drive without hiring a car in Malaga.
  • You see the sights – and a lot of them in just 2 hours.
  • You stay green – zero emissions offset your carbon footprint.
  • You learn something new – the guide has lots of interesting anecdotes.

The details

The company offers different tours priced from €39.50. 2 people fit in each car so halve this rate to see the per person price or drive alone and pay the full price. Tours take different routes – you can stay in the city like we did, drive up to the Montes de Málaga (amazing views from up there), explore the west side of Malaga and even take a night-time tour. Find out more here or call (+34) 625 130 696.

To drive on the electric car tour in Malaga you need a valid driving licence and to sign the insurance papers. You also have to pay a deposit of €300, refundable as soon as you return to the office.
Guide to Malaga would like to thank Electric Car Tour for a great experience and a fun way to see Malaga!

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