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There’s certainly plenty going on in Malaga. The city has a packed calendar of cultural events and festivals plus lots to do every month. This section provides all the information about events in Malaga whatever time of year you’re visiting the city. Read on and have your diary ready for some great Malaga events!

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What’s on this month in Malaga

Our monthly round-up of what’s on in Malaga this month. We include musical events, art exhibitions, sporting activities and information on specific festivals. Whatever your interests there’s bound to be something on for you. Check back often for information on the latest events in Malaga.

Discover Malaga by season

Malaga is lovely at any time of year, whether it’s early spring, high summer and mid-winter. In this section, you’ll find a guide to the key events in the city by season. We also have a dedicated guide to Christmas and Easter, two of the biggest events in Malaga, and a public holidays calendar.


Christmas in Malaga is one of the prettiest times of year and one that really draws the crowds. This section gives you the low-down on Christmas in the city including practical information, details on where to see the famous lights and ideas of what to do and see. Enjoy one of the biggest and brightest Malaga events!


One of the biggest events of the year, Easter in Malaga offers a week of processions. Known as Holy Week in Spanish (Semana Santa), it’s one of the most unusual events in Malaga of the year and well worth seeing. Check out our FAQs to this unique event and our suggestions for 10 things to do if you’re spending Easter in Malaga plus our guide to who’s who and what’s what in the processions.


A key time of year for Malaga festivals with a big one almost every month. Take a lot at our guide to spring events in Malaga plus our month-by-month inspiration.


The heat brings with it one of the biggest Malaga events, Malaga Feria (fair) that takes place in August. As well as those celebrations, there’s also plenty going on in the summer. Take a look and see for yourself!


The temperature might drop a little but Malaga events continue in full swing. This season makes a great time to visit Malaga so take a look at our dedicated event posts and our lists of 10 things to do for each month of the autumn.


This season really sparkles when Malaga events include the biggest of them all – Christmas with the world-famous Malaga Christmas lights and the Three Kings Parade. But winter also means Carnival in Malaga plus some great things to do every single look. Check out the posts for some real inspiration.

Pubic Holidays

A useful calendar of public holidays in Malaga this year including what will be open and special events in Malaga on particular days. Most dates are also valid for public holidays in Andalusia. Fully updated for 2019.

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