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10 things to do in Malaga in November

You’ll notice a real change in the seasons once November arrives. Temperatures turn decidedly cooler and you’ll need your jacket first and last thing. But the sun still shines and it’s easily warm enough to eat al fresco, soak up some rays on the beach or enjoy some autumn sunshine. This is one of the quieter months on the calendar and if you like things more to yourself, this is the time to visit Malaga.

In the latest of our monthly round-ups, we suggest some great things to do in Malaga in November. They include the Jazz Festival, autumn produce and amazing art plus how to get off the beaten track and explore beyond the city centre.

Fabulous events in November – Malaga Jazz Festival

November means jazz in Malaga with a first-class festival featuring some of the world’s top names in jazz. The 2023 edition has an excellent line-up as usual, performing at the Cervantes Theatre. Peripheral events include free concerts at different locations round the city (note that these have yet to be confirmed).

For full details, read our dedicated post on Malaga Jazz Festival.

Great experiences in November – an electric bike tour

As fans of Guide to Malaga know, we like to explore the city in ways that you don’t always find in guidebooks. As a suggestion for one of the best things to do in Malaga in November, how about taking an electric bike tour of the city? We have seen the sights from the saddle of a very comfy ebike and found it fun, interesting and very different. And perhaps most importantly of all in terms of the climate emergency, zero emissions. Read about an ebike tour in Malaga.

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Foodie feasts in November – roast chestnuts

When it comes to food, one of the best things to do in Malaga in November is feast on a cone of roast chestnuts. The temperatures might not be so cold that you need to warm your hands, but somehow autumn wouldn’t quite be the same without them. To discover where to buy them, follow your nose – the scent of roasting chestnuts fills the city centre streets from early October onwards.

Best of all? You can buy a few for just a euro.

roast chestnuts for autumn in Malaga

Wonderful walks in November – round the Picasso Museum

November makes a great month for exploring the city and with fewer tourists you’ll have more of it to yourself.

Our Malaga walking tour suggestion for November takes to a very centre spot that is an oasis of peace and quiet at almost any time of year. Head for the area behind the Picasso Museum and discover some great architecture, lovely restaurants, an iconic fig tree and fun street art.

Autumn things in November – the falling leaves

Many trees in Malaga are evergreen so you don’t get the amazing autumn colours that you do in northern Spain and Europe. But some trees do lose their leaves and look stunning as they do it.

The giant plane trees along the Paseo de los Curas, parallel to the Paseo del Parque and Pergola are a great example. Get the best views of an orange backdrop from Muelle Uno. Or take a trip to the Botanical Gardens, lovely at any time of year but extra pretty in their autumnal clothes.

see the autumn leaves, one of the things to do in Malaga in November

Marvellous museums in November – from the vineyards with love

Our museum suggestion for things to do in Malaga in November showcases Malaga wine. The museum comes packed with information about Malaga wine generally and two D.O. areas. There are lots of antique wine labels on display too and a visit includes two wine tastings, one from each D.O. Extra tastings are available for €1 per wine.

Read our Malaga Wine guide.

You’ll find the Museo del Vino on Plaza de los Viñeros (off Calle Biedmas on Calle Carreteria), open Monday to Saturday. €6. Allow 1 hour.

Super shopping in November – get ahead for Christmas

Make the most of the quieter shops in November for a bit of early Christmas shopping and buy some presents with a difference. Check out the arts and crafts markets on Muelle Uno every Sunday from 11am to 7pm.

Or gift a Malaga souvenir, but we’re not talking fridge magnets or flamenco aprons. Give them something they’ll thank you for such as these and don’t forget to take a look at the items in our Malaga Shop.

Outside Malaga in November – take a trip to Torremolinos

Discover where tourism on Costa del Sol began back in the early 1960s at Torremolinos, probably the quintessential Spanish seaside resort. The town has recently undergone a major facelift with great new pedestrian spaces in the centre. Take the lift down to the beach and stroll along the famous Carihuela and Bajondilla seafront promenades before enjoying a lunch of fried fish at one of the restaurants.

Get to Torremolinos on the Cercanías local train from central Malaga.

Unusual spots in November – Guadalhorce Nature Reserve

Our last but one suggestion for things to do in Malaga in November takes you to the far west of the city to a spot sandwiched between the Airport and motorway. Despite its potentially noisy location, the Guadalhorce Nature Reserve is an oasis of peace and quiet.

Lagoons at the Parque Natural del Guadalhorce Malaga

Cross via the stunning Guadalhorce River bridge and then explore this lovely place to take a walk and see the amazing birdlife in and around the lagoons. Keep an eye out for the resident flamingo family, the lone Osprey plus the rare white-headed ducks complete with bright blue beaks.

Find out more about birdwatching in Malaga.

Great music in November – enjoy a concert

It doesn’t have to be November to enjoy a great concert in Malaga. The city is home to a Philharmonic Orchestra, numerous smaller orchestras and musical group plus lots of choirs.

But November is high season for concerts so why not book a seat and get ready for some musical entertainment? For classical concerts, check out the Cervantes Theatre programme here and keep an eye on our what’s on in Malaga page for news on free concerts coming up in November.

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