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Guide to Malaga Jazz Festival 2022

One of the biggest events in Malaga during the autumn is the annual Malaga Jazz Festival when the city brings together some of the brightest musicians and singers to the Cervantes Theatre stage. This year’s event is the 36th edition. 

Dates of Malaga Jazz Festival (2022)

This year’s festival takes place from Thursday 3 November to Wednesday 9 November. There are also some jazz events in neighbourhoods around the city – see the link below. 

Venues for Malaga Jazz Festival

The Cervantes Theatre is the main stage for the principal Malaga Jazz Festival concerts, all of which start at 8pm. As usual, other live music venues in the city will be offering jazz concerts and related events. In 2022, jazz concerts will also take place all over Malaga at different locations including parks and squares. Details of locations, times and dates to follow. 

Where to buy tickets for Malaga Jazz Festival

These are available at the Cervantes Theatre box office or online. Just type ‘jazz’ into the search box at the top and then choose the event you want to book. 

Tickets for a jazz concert cost €24 and this year, the usual discounts are back.

15% off tickets for 4 concerts.
20% off tickets for 5 concerts.
25% off tickets for 6 or 7 concerts.

See the website for details.


keys on a sax at the Malaga Jazz Festival

Malaga Jazz Festival programme

This year has a great line-up with lots of big names in jazz as follows:

Thursday 3 November kicks off the Jazz Festival proper with musician Paolo Fresnu who brings his trumpet and band to pay tribute to David Bowie. They’ll be playing around 30 songs by the legendary singer and will offer a great first evening of jazz- style music.

Friday 4 November welcomes Hiromi: Solo. The award-winning jazz pianist has included Malaga on her world tour and will be perfoming her own compositions during what promises to be an electrifying performance.

Malaga Jazz Festival

Saturday 5 November welcomes trumpeter Avishai Cohen and the three musicians to make up his quartet. They’ll be performing tracks from Cohen’s latest album, Naked Truth.  

Monday 7 November brings together a quartet of fabulous jazz musicians: Dave Holland on bass, Chris Potter on sax, Lionel Loueke on guitar and Eric Harland on drums. 

Tuesday 8 November turns to perhaps the greatest jazz instrument of all, the sax, played by Kenny Garrett. He has won numerous accolades and been nominated for several Grammys. Joining him are four other musicians and together, they’ll be playing tracks from Garrett’s latest album, Sounds from the Ancestors.

And lastly Wednesday 9 November, the Malaga Jazz Festival welcomes Sheila Jordan, who at 93 is an absolute legend in jazz and had close connections with Charlie Parker. She’ll be performing On the Road, a mixture of music and literature (based on Jack Kerouac’s work), with some of the best local jazz musicians.

Other events during Malaga Jazz Festival

Malaga Jazz Festival also includes lots of other jazz-related events around the city centre. This year, they include 16 free concerts at venues from Thursday 3 to Sunday 6 November, such as: 

Plaza de la Merced – the main stage with seats for 150 (but get there early to bag yours)
Thursday 3 at 6.30pm, Lara Wong & Lucía Rey Quartet
Friday 4 at 5pm, Rubem Dantas Quartet and at 6.30pm, Antonio Serrano + Nono García Cuartel 
Saturday 5 at 5pm, Tino di Geraldo QuartetT and at 6.30pm, Benavent di Geraldo Pardo
Sunday 6 at 5pm, Carmen Vela Quartet and at 6.30pm, Cristian de Moret 

Plaza Félix Sáenz 
Friday 4 at noon, Antti Sarpila Hot Trio  

Plaza del Obispo
Saturday 5 at noon, Lara Wong & Lucía Rey Quartet 

Plaza del Carbón
Thursday 3 at 4pm, Antti Sarpila Hot Trio
Friday 4 at 4pm, Carmen Vela Quartet
Saturday 5 at 4pm, Cristian de Moret
Sunday 6 at 4pm, Naike Ponce 

Hotel H10 Croma
Sunday 6 at 6pm, Paula Bilá 

Hotel Molina Lario
Thursday 3 at 10pm, Pakete + Naike Ponce
Friday 4 at 10pm, Cristian de Moret 
Saturday 5 at 4pm, Paula Bilá
Sunday 6 at 4pm, Fernando Brox + Carlos Cortés

Hotel Málaga Palacio 
Thursday 3 at midnight, Carmen Vela Quartet
Friday 4 at midnight, Tino di Geraldo + Jose Carra Quartet
Saturday 5 at midnight, Antonio Serrano + Nono García Quartet
Sunday 6 at midnight, José Mª Pedraza Trio

Hotel La Chancla 
Thursday 3 at 5pm, José Mª Pedraza Trio
Friday 4 at 5pm, Cristian de Moret
Saturday 5 at 5pm, Naike Ponce
Sunday 6 at 5pm, Eneko Alberdi + Noe Sakura 

Huelin Park
Saturday 5 November at 1pm, Rubem Dantas + Petaca Quartet in Huelin Park (links to Google Maps).

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