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All you need for a short break in Malaga

As regular followers of Guide to Malaga will know, we launched a downloadable guide at the end of last year. Our Malaga on a Short Break guide to everything you need to know to make the best of a short break in Malaga has so far been very successful and we’ve had excellent feedback.

But all new products need an introduction so we’ve put together some FAQs about our e-guide. Read on to discover why we wrote it, what’s in it and (most importantly of all 😉) why you should get your copy.

Why has Guide to Malaga produced a downloadable guide as an ebook?

Guide to Malaga has over 400 pages of content and comes packed with information for tourists and visitors. We know it’s useful because we get lots of emails each week thanking us for the information.

However, we’re also very aware that if you want to plan a short break in Malaga, you don’t have time to trawl through the Guide to Malaga website. So, we’ve done the work for you and produced a downloadable e-guide with all the information you need.

We’ve detailed daily itineraries for a 2, 3 or 5-day visit to ensure you see and experience the very best that Malaga has to offer. Everything you need is now all in one (concise) place in an easy-to-read and use guide.


What’s in Malaga on a Short Break?

The short answer is everything! The longer answer is lots of full-colour pages of comprehensive information about visiting Malaga.

You’ll find detailed itineraries covering:

  • What to see and do.
  • Recommendations for where to eat and drink.
  • Insider tips and insight.

All you need to ensure your visit takes in the absolute best of Malaga.

Do I have to follow the itineraries?

No, our guide to a short break in Malaga is designed as a mix and match. Take a look and choose what you want to see and do, and then combine the days or half-days to suit you.

Does the guide include maps?

Yes, we’ve included 2 Google maps that are tailor-made for the e-guide. The first map in the guide takes you round the walking tour we recommend for Day 1. This tour guides you round the main sights and allows you to get an overview of the city and its layout. The map is easy to follow and signposts the main sights in the written description.

The second map shows you where all the attractions and recommended eateries are in the city. You’ll find all the museums, all the restaurants, all the breakfast bars, all the live music venues…. mentioned in the guide on this map.

Both maps ensure you can find your way round Malaga quickly and easily. And most importantly, see where the best places are on your short break in Malaga.

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Are there pictures in the guide?

Yes, and plenty of them throughout the 21 pages. No travel guide would be complete without offering a visual guide to the destination and Malaga on a Short Break is no exception. It comes packed with full-colour pictures showcasing the best of the city. Our aim here is to inspire you to visit Malaga.

What about the recommendations?

Like just about everyone, we look for recommendations when we travel to a new destination. But we also know that while TripAdvisor and Google are useful sources, there’s nothing like a recommendation from a local. All the eateries included in Malaga on a Short Break are personal recommendations from us at Guide to Malaga. We either visit the venues regularly or know people who do.

What about insider tips?

You don’t have a lot of time on a short break to Malaga and you want to make the most of it. Our guide includes lots of insider tips to ensure you make the most of your stay and get to experience Malaga on and off the beaten tourist trail.

Does Malaga on a Short Break include essential information?

All travel guides should include the basics and our guide starts with them. We offer an overview of when to visit Malaga, how to get to the city from the Airport, typical costs, shop opening hours…


What’s the e-guide format?

Malaga on a Short Break is downloadable in PDF format. When you purchase the guide, you receive an email with a link to download it. Note that the link is valid for 48 hours only so download the guide as soon as you receive the email.

What do I need to read the guide?

Your device must have a pdf reader installed (the most common is Adobe and most devices include it as a default app). Click on the link in the email to download and once the download is complete, make sure you save the guide on your device in a place where you can easily find it again.

Do I have to be connected to the internet or mobile data to read the guide?

No, once you have downloaded the guide onto your device you can read it again and again offline. Note, however, that to use the Google maps and click on the links included in the guide you do need to be connected to the internet or data.

How much does the guide cost?

The guide costs €7.95. Subscribers to the Guide to Malaga Newsletter give 25% off with a special discount code included in the Newsletter. Sign up to receive the next one here.

Is payment via a secure platform?

Yes, 100%. Guide to Malaga is already a secure site (https://) and payment for the guide is taken through an encrypted secure platform ensuring your payment details are 100% safe.

How can I pay?

We offer 2 payment options:

  • Via Paypal – credit card or through your Paypal account.
  • Via Stripe – credit or debit card.

Both are 100% secure.

How can I leave a review of the guide?

We welcome feedback from our users and would love to know what you think of our guide to a short break in Malaga. Please let us know what you liked and what you missed plus any other comments you think are useful. This is a work in progress and we’ll be upgrading the guide based on your feedback. Please send your comments to joanna@guidetomalaga.com.


Malaga on a short break - GuideToMalaga.com ebook

Planning to visit Malaga?

All you need for a short break in Malaga!

Get Malaga at your fingertips quickly and easily with our handy ebook. Full and guided itineraries for a short break in the city whether you’re visiting for 2, 3, 4 or 5 days. All you need to make the absolute most of your stay.