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Covid situation in Malaga – FAQs

Every week, Guide to Malaga receives requests for information on the Covid situation in Malaga. This article intends to answer many of those questions and help you with information about what’s happening in the city virus-wise at the moment.

Regular updates

This article gets a weekly update – usually on Fridays. So, if you’re tracking the Covid situation in Malaga or need information when you plan to visit, bookmark the page and check back regularly.

And of course, if we’ve missed anything, let us know.

Information sources

All our information comes from official figures from government sources (links are always included) and our experience out and about in Malaga.

What’s the Covid rate in Malaga?

As from 11 April, Spain is only counting cases of Covid among those 60 or over or classed as vulnerable. We’re therefore no longer including the rates in this article.

And the Covid rate on the Costa del Sol?

As from 11 April, Spain is only counting cases of Covid among those 60 or over or classed as vulnerable. We’re therefore no longer including the rates in this article.

What’s the Covid situation in Malaga now?

Malaga city and the Costa del Sol are gradually seeing a fall in contagion rates after very high numbers during the winter. Numbers for hospitalisations and deaths are low but are still happening.

Are there any travel restrictions into Malaga by air?

Malaga Airport is open and allowing travellers from this list to enter Spain.

This list changes so check it regularly.

If your country is on the list and you come to Malaga, you will be allowed in. This applies even if your country has advised against travel to Spain.

Update: from 1 February 2022, all travellers who have full immunisation from Covid (WHO-approved vaccines) within the last 290 days (see below) are allowed to enter Spain. This includes citizens from the US and Canada.

Can British citizens travel to Malaga?

As of early May 2022, UK nationals and residents must show a vaccination certificate (full dose) or provide proof of a negative Covid test to enter Spain. Valid tests are PCR taken within 72 hours of travel and an antigen test, taken within 24 hours of travel.

See the rules (1 February 2022) on the vaccination certificate below.

Are Brazilian and South African nationals allowed into Malaga?

Yes, but some restrictions apply. See below.

Are there any travel restrictions into Malaga by land?

No, but if you enter Spain via France or Portugal, you may need to show proof of a vaccination certificate or negative Covid test (see below). Note that Portugal’s borders with Spain reopened on 1 May 2021.

graphic showing how to wear masks in Malaga
How to wear a mask in Malaga 😉
What do I need to do to enter Spain?

You must fulfill one of the following two requirements:

  • If you don’t have an EU vaccination certificate (or valid equivalent) you must fill out a Health Control Form (Formulario de Control Sanitario/FCS) via the website or mobile phone app before you arrive. All travellers without a valid vaccination certificate must fill out an FCS including children.
  • Vaccination certificate (see below) proving you have required the full dose of a WHO-approved vaccine – UK residents wishing to enter Spain must show this. Or proof of a negative PCR test (within 72 hours of your arrival in Spain) or a negative antigen test (within 24 hours of your arrival in Spain). You carry the certificate with you (in English, French, German or Spanish, in paper or digital form) and will be asked to show it on entry.

Find out what you need to enter Spain.

What does full immunisation/ dose mean?

As from 1 February 2022, your vaccination certificate must show the following: 

On the date you enter Spain (or the EU), your last vaccine jab must be at least 14 days before and no more than 270 days before. The most recent jab must complete the vaccine course (e.g. 2 doses of Pfizer, Modern or AstraZeneca or 1 Janssen) or be a booster jab (second or third dose). If your last vaccine jab was more than 270 days before you enter Spain (more or less 9 months), you must have a second or third dose and then wait 14 days before you enter Spain. 

Is there quarantine to enter Spain?

No, Spain has no quarantine requirements unless you come from countries considered high risk. You can check the list here.

What are the travel restrictions in Malaga city?

On several occasions since March 2020, Malaga’s municipal borders have been closed as a sort of local lockdown. If this happens, you cannot go beyond them without a justifiable reason (e.g. work, health or education).

Situation now: Malaga’s municipal borders are open and you can travel to other municipalities in the province that are also open with no restrictions.

From 29 April, you can travel within Andalusia and Spain with no restrictions.

The map below shows you the boundaries of Malaga municipality – as you can see, Malaga is big so it isn’t too much of a hardship not being able to leave!

map of municipality of Malaga
Map showing the borders of Malaga municipality
What are the restrictions in Malaga at the moment?
  • There are no restrictions.
How do I find out what the latest Covid situation is in Malaga?

Check the latest restrictions and lockdown in Malaga and the Costa del Sol. Put the name of the place in ¿Dónde vives? and click on Entrar. This information (in Spanish only) is updated daily so bookmark the page and check if you plan to travel.

What rules do I need to follow in the current Covid situation in Malaga?

There are several rules in place:

Face masks – compulsory in the following situations:
On all public transport in Malaga including taxis.
In all health centres and hospitals.
In pharmacies.
You are also advised to wear a face mask indoors in a public space if a) you are 60 or over or vulnerable to Covid and/or b) the space is crowded.

Social distancing – while not an enforced rule, you’re asked to keep at least 1.5m from anyone else. You’ll see lines on the floor in shops indicating where to stand in the queue; many venues have separate entrances and exits (follow the arrows); and the seafront promenades have arrows indicating you should walk on the right.

Social distancing on the beach – you’ll see signs at the entrances to all beaches telling you what to do. Basically, you need to sit at least 2 metres from other people.

What measures are in place in Malaga for Covid safety?

Since Spain left total lockdown in early May last year, Malaga has gone the extra mile to implant health and hygiene measures. They include:

  • Weekly antigen tests for employees at businesses and associations in many sectors including tourism, hospitality and public transport. Participating businesses display the sign Malaga Safe For You.
  • Malaga has the World Tourism & Travel Council Safe Travels seal, guaranteeing that the city complies with WTTC health and hygiene protocols for Covid.
  • All venues including museums, concert halls, restaurants and shops have limits on the number of people allowed in at a time.
  • Busy areas including streets in the centre and the seafront promenades are disinfected daily (including benches).
covid-19 rules on Malaga beaches
Covid beach rules in Malaga
What about staying at hotels?

Since the summer, we have stayed at several hotels in Andalusia and in Malaga city itself. All had impeccable hygiene and stringent Covid measures in place. We felt extremely safe at all times.

What about Covid insurance in Malaga?

From 1 January 2021, all non-resident foreign tourists staying in registered accommodation have guaranteed covid-19 insurance. The policy covers any circumstances caused by the virus and includes hospital healthcare, accommodation in an apartment and repatriation.

Update for 2022 – this insurance policy has been extended until 30 June 2022.

Read our guide to covid-19 insurance in Andalucia.

What about getting a Covid test in Malaga?

You may need a test while you’re in Malaga to return to your home country or because you’ve been in contact with someone who has tested positive. Read how and where to get a Covid test in Malaga.

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