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Introducing Your Guide to Moving to Malaga & the Costa del Sol

We’re super excited at Guide to Malaga because we’ve just launched our latest ebook. And it’s the biggest one yet – a full 170 pages! Your Guide to Moving to Malaga & the Costa del Sol is a slight departure from our usual ebook library because in this one, we turn to relocation.

But like all Guide to Malaga ebooks, this one does what it says on the tin too. It contains literally everything you need to know about moving to Malaga and the Costa del Sol.

Did you know? We update this ebook every 3 months. When was the last update? July 2023.

Why this latest ebook?

Malaga and the Costa del Sol have been popular relocation spots for years. But a combination of factors has put this spot in southern Spain on the must-move-to map more firmly than ever before.

Between them Covid-19 and Brexit have made more people look long and hard at where they live. Enjoying year-round sunshine has become even more desirable. So have fresh air and being by the sea. Add to these, great connections and quality lifestyle and it’s easy to see why Malaga and Costa del Sol have taken centre stage on the relocation radar.

Why did you write this guide?

At Guide to Malaga, we get a ton of emails every week asking questions about Malaga. They’re mostly tourism-related, but since autumn 2020 their focus has shifted to enquiries about relocation.

You have asked us lots of questions about moving to Malaga and the Costa del Sol. From practical queries about residence permits and finding a school to more general questions about where is the best place to live.

We listened, took note and then answered them all. Plus a lot of others too.

The result? Literally all you need to know in 170 pages jam-packed with information.

Who is this guide for?

Anyone who is dreaming, thinking of or planning to move to Malaga and the Costa del Sol. Even if moving to sunny southern Spain is just a tempting thought or a real intention, you need this guide. You really do.

What’s in Your Guide to Moving to Malaga & the Costa del Sol?

As we’ve said, literally all you need to know. But specifically that includes:

  • Detailed area guides. And when we say detailed we mean just that. Each location gets a general overview plus its pros and cons. And a list of population, distance and property stats.
  • All the information about paperwork. And that’s for you, your family, your vehicle and your dog (or cat).
  • Handy checklists to help you keep track of what you need. And to tick off items on your to-do list.
  • Lots (and lots) of tips. Not just from Joanna Styles, the author (who moved to the Costa del Sol in 1989), but from other expats who have already moved to Malaga. Unique and very useful insight.
  • Essential info on schools. Compiled by a professional relocation expert whose job it is to help families move to Malaga successfully and find the right schools for their children.
  • The know-how on renting or buying a property. Another vital part of moving to the Costa del Sol and our ebook gives you all the info.
  • Vital info on healthcare. All you need to know plus practical information on how to sign up for public healthcare, get the right private health insurance and a list of hospitals on the Costa del Sol.

Plus a whole lot more. Lets face it – this guide really packs its 170 pages with useful information.

Is this guide to relocating to the Costa del Sol up-to-date?

We’re well aware that things change and that it’s difficult to keep up with the latest things that affect relocation such as immigration rules. So, we’ll be updating this ebook on a regular basis. Regular means every quarter so 4 updates a year (the latest is July 2023).

And if you’ve already bought the ebook, you can sign up to free exclusive updates. Every quarter, we’ll send you an email with all the latest changes to any of the topics included in the ebook. That means you always have the right information.

front page of Your Guide to Moving to Malaga and the Costa del Sol

How much does it cost?

Your Guide to Moving to Malaga & the Costa del Sol costs €9.95. But you can get 25% off this price by using the code WEB. Simply add WEB to the discount code box at the checkout.

What’s the format?

This guide to relocating to Malaga and the Costa del Sol comes in downloadable pdf format. When you buy it, you receive a link to download your copy and then all you need to do is save it on your preferred device – phone, tablet or pc.

Who wrote this guide?

Joanna Styles, CEO of Guide to Malaga, is the author. She’s British and moved to the Costa del Sol in 1989. Since then, she’s experienced just about everything you do when you move to a new country.

  • Working as an employee, working as self-employed, setting up a business and a company.
  • Raising 2 daughters who attended a variety of different schools.
  • Buying and renting property in 3 different locations.

Plus Joanna has written thousands of words about relocation.

She updated the annual editions of Living & Working in Spain (originally published by Survival Books UK) and wrote Costa del Sol Lifeline, Retiring in Spain and Culture Wise Spain. They’re all unfortunately out of print now but sit in pride of place on Joanna’s bookcase! She has also written numerous articles about relocation generally and to Spain specifically for A Place in the Sun magazine.

So, between her personal and professional experiences Joanna knows a thing or two about moving to Malaga and the Costa del Sol.

But this ebook also contains the words of wisdom from numerous professionals – relocation experts, tax advisors, lawyers and paperwork gurus – so it’s all bona fide information.

What do I do next?

  1. Buy your copy.
  2. Download and read it.
  3. Use the information for an easier, quicker and smoother move to Malaga and the Costa del Sol.
  4. Sign up for your quarterly updates.

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