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How (and where) to get a Covid test in Malaga

Just over a year ago, Covid tests was practically unheard of. Yet fast forward 12 months and they’re part and parcel of travelling not to mention daily life. You may need a covid test in Malaga at some point – perhaps to travel back to your home country, perhaps to confirm you don’t have the virus. But whatever the reason, we thought that it’s useful to know how and where to get a covid test in city.

Did you know? All foreign visitors to Andalusia in 2021 and staying in registered accommodation benefit from guaranteed Covid-19 insurance.

Do I need a Covid test to come to Malaga?

Yes and no.

No, if you have a Covid-19 vaccination certificate showing that you have received the full dose (1 or 2 depending on the make) of a WHO-approved vaccine. The certificate must show your name, type of vaccine, date of doses, where you had the vaccine and who issued the vaccine.

Yes, if you don’t have a vaccination certificate and are 12 years old or older. When you go through immigration, you must show proof that you tested negative for Covid within 72 hours of your arrival.

What Covid test do I need to come to Malaga?

The test must be either PCR, TMA or RAT taken within 48 hours of travel.

What are the test requirements?

The results must be in English or Spanish and show your name and passport name as well as the name and contact details of the clinic. Plus the date and time of the test and results.

Do I need a Covid test to leave Malaga?

There are no Covid exit requirements for Spain, but your home country may well need you to provide proof of a negative result. As we all know, the situation is very volatile and requirements change. Check with official sources in your home country before you leave Malaga.

What about if I’m in Malaga for a short time and need a Covid test to return to my home country?

Given that PCR tests usually take 48 hours to process, we recommend that before you arrive in the city, you get an appointment for a Covid test in Malaga well in advance. This will give you the chance to make the most of your stay rather than running around trying to organise a test! Note that most clinics close at weekends.

What sort of Covid test are available in Malaga?

In the city, you can have the following tests:

Antigen – also known as a rapid test (RAT). It looks for antibodies but only works if you take the test at least 7 days after showing Covid symptoms. It takes a small sample of blood from your fingers and reveals the results in 10 to 20 minutes. If you test positive, you must take a PCR test to find if you have the virus.

PCR – this test tells you if you have the virus at the time of the test. It’s carried out by taking a swab from your nose and throat. Results usually take 48 hours. This test doesn’t look for Covid-19 antibodies so it won’t tell you if you’ve had Covid previously.

Serology – this test also looks for antibodies to the virus but only if you take the test 3 or 4 after developing symptoms. It takes a blood sample through IV and results take 48 hours usually.

Did you know? Malaga city has the Malaga Safe For You initiative in place and tests employees at associations and companies in the tourist, retail and food and beverage sectors on a weekly basis. Find out more about the latest Covid situation in Malaga.

What do Covid tests in Malaga cost?

Covid tests have become big business and although there’s plenty of competition, they’re not cheap. Antigen tests cost from €30 and PCRs from €59. Not all clinics advertise their costs on the website. We have included the information where available.

Can I get a last-minute Covid test in Malaga?

Some clinics have walk-in testing facilities and you don’t need an appointment. For others, you need to book. But beware of a last-minute test – PCRs generally take 48 hours to process.

Did you know? It’s best not to eat, drink, smoke or brush your teeth 1 hour before a Covid test.

Where can I get a Covid test in the city?

Bioclon Calle Almería 17. All 3 tests with PCR results available in 24 hours; appointment only.
Centro Médico Mapfre, Avda de Andalucía 24. All 3 tests; appointment only.
Clínicas Muelle Heredia, Muelle Heredia 14. All 3 tests, PCR costs €115 and antigen tests, €45; appointment only.
Democratest, available in 2 clinics in Malaga (Unidolor at Calle Asalto 22 and CM Alborán at Calle Fernando el Católico 38). PCR test, €60. Book online only.
Laboratorios Echevarne, Plaza Arriola 10. All 3 tests, PCR costs €120 (results in 24 to 48 hours) and Antigen €40; appointment only. Home-testing kits available.
Quirón Málaga, Avda Imperio Argentina 1. All 3 tests, walk-in clinic.
Synlab, Calle Compositor Lhemberg Ruiz 10. All 3 tests, from €45; appointment only. Home-testing kits available.
Vithas Malaga, Avda Pintor Sorolla 2. All 3 tests, PCR available within 24-48 hours, cost from €120; appointment only.

Can I get a covid test at Malaga Airport?

Yes, but only if you’re a departing passenger (you need to show a boarding pass to access the terminal). The testing centre carries out all 3 tests on an appointment basis – PCR (cost €70) results are guaranteed in 12 hours.

You book and pay via the website (some parts in English). Note that it’s busy so book well in advance to be sure you get an appointment.

What about Covid tests on the Costa del Sol?

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