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Is guaranteed covid insurance in Andalusia a gamechanger?

A recent announcement by the regional government shone some light in the dark tunnel for tourism in Malaga. Guaranteed covid insurance in Andalusia is set to come into play for all foreigners from 1 January 2021. We think this sounds like a great initiative but wanted to ask Guide to Malaga fans what they thought.

In this news piece, we look at what the coronavirus insurance for Malaga will include. Plus your thoughts on a) how useful covid-19 insurance in Andalusia will be to the traveller and b) it it will make a difference to tourism.

Cover for guaranteed covid insurance in Andalusia

The insurance policy will include any covid-19 circumstances including:

    • Hospital healthcare
  • Accommodation (if you need to self-isolate or there’s a lockdown)
  • Repatriation to your home country.

All foreigners coming to Malaga or anywhere in Andalusia form 1 January 2021 will automatically get cover and free of charge.

Timeline for details and small print

The announcement came on 1 October and the contract is currently out to tender. This means that we don’t know the finer details (aka small print), which will be very important. Nor do we have a timeline for more information or know how you can apply for the insurance. We’ll be keeping our followers up to date via our free fortnightly newsletter – sign up for yours.

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How useful will it be?

We personally think the measure is useful because at the moment, many people cannot get travel insurance to come to Malaga that covers coronavirus. Or government recommendations against travel to Spain (in the UK, for example) mean you can’t get travel insurance at all.

But what do Guide to Malaga fans think?

In general, they all applauded the measure because it gives reassurance:

“It’s been that niggle of when away, what happens if… that has probably been the thing that stopped us from our usual trips of Malaga so a big thumbs up to these proposals.”

“If this goes ahead I will definitely take my holiday in Malaga. I will feel so much more relaxed and safer knowing foreigners have this cover.”

And many said they would now be seriously thinking about travel plans.

“This could bring us back much sooner than we anticipated!!!”

“Looking forward to another winter on the Costa dle Sol, this helped my decision to return!”

Will guaranteed covid-19 insurance in Andalusia make a difference to tourism?

Judging by the 60+ plus comments on our FB page, the resounding answer is ‘yes’. Local companies offering services such as holiday rentals in Malaga also like the idea. “This will definitely help our clients,” said one.

But many people pointed out the caveat – for UK travellers, it’s called quarantine. “This is what I see as the biggest blocker for UK travellers to Spain,” said one lady who has continued to travel to Malaga since lockdown lifted. She’s one of the lucky ones because she can work from home.

Alternatives to quarantine were also suggested. Quick testing or rapid repeat tests could be an answer. The Andalusian government has mooted the idea of quick tests at Malaga Airport. Or travellers could provide proof of being covid-19 free on arrival. This is already a requirement for people travelling from Spain to Germany and Italy, for example.

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Final thoughts

As usual, we’ll be keeping our fingers pressed firmly on this buzzer and offering up to date information as and when we have it. At Guide to Malaga, we believe this is an excellent measure and it will encourage tourism.

However, we also think that the regional government could have introduced this guarantee much earlier – 1 September would have been a good date. Businesses reliant on tourists in the city would now be benefitting from its effects. We’re also very aware that until there’s a vaccine (hopefully sooner rather than later) covid-19 will continue to discourage tourists coming to Malaga.

But our takeaway is that so many people applaud the idea and can’t wait to see it implemented. Hopefully, the tourism authorities are fully aware of this and maybe introduce it earlier. Perhaps in time for Christmas in Malaga

Meanwhile, we look forward to seeing you as soon as you feel it’s safe enough for you to travel!

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