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Montagud Experience Malaga showcases local gastronomy

Montagud Experience Malaga, one of Spain’s top gastronomic events, recently took place at José Carlos García Restaurante in the heart of Malaga. The all-day event included talks, show-cooking, tastings and a Michelin dinner created by José Carlos García and Marcos Granda for guests. 

Montagud Editores, a gastronomic publisher founded in 1906, chose Malaga to bring together the best in local gastronomy. On stage were national experts in the sector and chefs with nine Michelin stars between them. On the tables were dishes created by four Malaga restaurants at the top of their game and the finest gourmet produce. 

Why Malaga for the first Montagud Experience?

The head of events at Montagud, Ana Moreno, explained that the publishing house chose Malaga for two reasons: 

The first is obvious to all of us who love this city: Malaga is currently enjoying a big gastronomic moment.

The second is editorial-based: Montagud is working on a book with José Carlos García, making Malaga the natural choice for Spain’s first Montagud Experience. 

“This is a city that amazes us,” Ana said, commenting that she loves the evening vibe in the centre and the fact that it happens every day of the week. (She also mentioned that she’d love to move to Malaga!)

Who was at Montagud Experience Malaga? 

In short, everyone at the top of their game in Malaga and Andalucía. We met Paco Morales, the chef at Noor in Cordoba, carrying the hallowed triple Michelin star. Benito Gómez, head of Bardal in Ronda with two Michelin stars, represented inland Malaga gastronomy.

Closer to home was Marcos Granda from Skina in Marbella (two Michelin stars) and Malaga’s own Michelin star holders, Dani Carnero and José Carlos García, who hosted the event. 

preparation of some of the goodies at Montagud Experience Malaga
Preparation of some of the goodies at Montagud Experience Malag

Thoughts from the Michelin star talent

At the press conference, the Michelin chefs offered their take on gastronomy in Malaga and Andalusia. Paco Morales highlighted “the excellent vibe among Malaga chefs” and wished it was replicated in other parts of Andalusia.

For Benito Gómez, Andalusia has the “best pantry in the world”, and offers the best culinary talent and variety of cuisine. Host José Carlos García said that tradition forms the foundations of all their creativity and will continue to do so. 

Local restaurants present at Montagud Experience Malaga 

Four culinary teams set the bar very high for the lunch. 

Hermanos Alba 

This traditional fish restaurant in El Palo showcased local fish and seafood. The boquerones en vinagre were some of the juiciest and tastiest we’ve ever had, and their baby squid was fried to perfection. The restaurant’s chef, Juanma Alba, said pescaíto (fried fish) is their “house signature”. 


Cristina and Diego, both chefs at this restaurant in central Malaga, chose to serve two of the starters on their tasting menu. The oyster in ajoblanco soup was the prettiest dish at lunch, and their tempura seaweed was delicious. 


This restaurant in Alhaurín de la Torre dished up two spectacular dishes. Their croquette couldn’t have been tastier, and the red tuna tataki had the perfect companion with ajoblanco and sunflower seeds. Karmela is now on our radar and a must-add to Guide to Malaga. 


One of the best patisseries in Spain (and our local cake shop!), was responsible for the breakfast and dessert section of the lunch. Their millefeuille with vanilla Bourbon cream was sublime. 

Guests enjoying the lunch
Guests enjoying the lunch

Foodie products 

Montagud Experience Malaga also offered delicious tastings of gourmet produce. This section included: 

EVOO by Ezequiel Montilla 

Alma restaurant in Puente Genil in Cordoba offered three types of olive oil, with two dishes using EVOO as one of the main ingredients. Suffice it to say that the EVOO-Envero in the almond mazamorra (thick cold soup) was my favourite dish. 

Arctic Crab 

Fans of this seafood were in for a treat with three types of crab available for tasting. The flavour was so delicate!

Amelie Oysters 

Oysters go hand in hand with fine dining, and this company brought several types to the event. Their display looked spectacular and made your mouth water.

In our glasses

All this deliciousness found its perfect pair in wines from Torres Bodegas (oh that white Clos Ancestral, with ancient Forcada grapes), Laurent Perrier champagne (what’s not to love there?) and 1906 beers. ¡Salud! 

Final thoughts 

Although Guide to Malaga only attended the press part of Montagud Experience Malaga, the two hours were more than enough to appreciate the massive gastronomic talent on our doorsteps. We were also able to ‘taste’ the chefs’ passion for their art.

In addition, José Carlos García Restaurant provided the perfect setting for the event. There’s something very special about being portside, enjoying delicious food and the Malaga city skyline.

Thanks to 

First of all, to Montagud Editores for organising this extraordinary event. Not for nothing does legendary chef Ferran Adrià describe them as “the notaries of contemporary cuisine”. Hopefully, Ana and the team will be back in Malaga soon.

And secondly, to Pilar from Lima Comunicación y Eventos for inviting us.


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