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We celebrate 5 years of showcasing Malaga

September 2020 marks the 5th anniversary of Guide to Malaga. It seems like those 5 years have flown by, yet when we look back the memories stretch long into the distance. The Guide to Malaga team is super proud of what we’ve achieved – showcasing the city of Malaga to a worldwide audience. And this news piece is a reflection of 5 years of showcasing Malaga.

Mini beginnings

Many of you are familiar with the Guide to Malaga story (if you’re not, read our About Us page) so we won’t repeat it here. But we would like to highlight how we have gone from mini to massive.

Back in September 2015, guidetomalaga.com had a few flimsy pages and a teeny, weeny blog. Maybe ten pages at the most. Fast forward 5 years and the Guide to Malaga website has nearly 500 pages!

(Editor’s note: I had to add that up twice on the calculator because I hadn’t realised the site was so massive 😅)

But the change from insignificant to important is also visible in the website users. In September 2015, we notched up the grand total of 416 users (and we celebrated!). In 2020, with the exception of April when things were a bit quiet (wonder why? 🤔😉), we’ve welcomed over 25,000 website visitors every month. March hit over 37,000 and there were 31,5000 of you in July. Mini to massive indeed.

Check out our video celebrating 5 years of showcasing Malaga.

Why Guide to Malaga?

In a nutshell because Joanna Styles and the team love Malaga. Like the foreigners’ interviews in our expats section, we too feel captivated by this city. We couldn’t quite put our finger on it, but Malaga has something that pulls you in and often keeps you here!

Back in 2015, there were no authoritative websites in English about Malaga. Plenty of Costa del Sol travel guides mentioned the city, but Malaga had no exclusive platform. Guide to Malaga has changed all that and 5 years later, we’re the reference guide to this wonderful city.

Key achievements

It’s been a long journey with a good dose of changes as Guide to Malaga has grown. The website has also seen tourism transform in Malaga with this year taking the prize as the biggest rollercoaster. But apart from providing a wealth of information, Guide to Malaga also offers:

  • 3 ebooks – if you’re looking for a guide to a short break in Malaga, exclusive recipes from top Malaga restaurants and/or some great phrases in Spanish, then these are for you. Keep an eye for more because by the end of 2020, we hope to add at least 2 more titles to our ‘shelves’.
  • A free fortnightly newsletter – we’ve just topped 5,300 subscribers to this and we have some very loyal readers. Our open rate always exceeds 60% 😊.
  • Help for Malaga businesses – Guide to Malaga survives thanks to income from advertisers who choose us as a way of showcasing their quality products and services to our website fans of Malaga. We offer access to more potential clients (all our users are highly-targetted) and the chance to boost online presence.


Thank you!

But most of all, Guide to Malaga is about you, all the thousands of people who regularly tune in to share our passion for Malaga.

Thank you to our website users – thanks for visiting our website and thank you too for letting us know what you think. 😍

Thank you to our social media followers – whether you connect with Guide to Malaga on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter, thank you for the likes, shares and comments. 😍

Thank you to our newsletter subscribers – the mailbag of replies after each one goes out is always a delight to read. And many of you have been with us for several years and still faithfully check in every other Friday. 😍

Thank you to our amazing advertisers – and last but by no means least, our awesome advertisers. You’re our main source of income so at Guide to Malaga, we’re especially grateful for your support. Whether you’re a big international name or a one-person band, your business means the world to us. 😍

Thank you all! ¡Gracias a todos! And here’s to the next 5 years…

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