Public holidays in Malaga in 2021

If you travel to Spain a lot you’ll have noticed that this is a country that loves a holiday and Malaga is no exception. In this blog post we list the public holidays in Malaga for the whole of 2021, all 14 of them! Note all but two local holidays (19 August and 8 September) are also public holidays in Andalucia 2021. 

What’s open on public holidays in Malaga?

Before our list of dates of public holidays in Malaga for part of 2020 and the whole of 2021, some information on what to expect open on a public holidays. As a general rule, the following are closed:

  • Banks
  • Government (regional and national) offices
  • Malaga council offices
  • Schools and universities
  • Shops (except on permitted days – see specific dates below).

As a general rule, the following are open:

  • Bars and restaurants (with the exception of Christmas Day and New Year’s Day)
  • Public transport (Sunday timetables usually operate)
  • Museums and monuments (with the exception of Christmas Day and New Year’s Day).

Also note that if a public holiday falls on a Sunday, the Monday after becomes the public holiday.

Public Holidays in Malaga 2021


Friday 1 January – New Year’s Day is a public holiday. Shops, businesses, monuments and museums in Malaga do not open on New Year’s Day. Some bars and restaurants may be open.

Wednesday 6 January – Three Kings (Epiphany). Shops won’t open but they do open on Sunday 3 January. Thursday 7 January is the start of the sales, a great time to pick up some bargains when you’re shopping in Malaga. 


Monday 1 March – Andalusian Regional Day, officially on 28 February but celebrated on Monday because the 28th is a Sunday. This is the day when the region of Andalusia celebrates its autonomical status. Most shops, bars and restaurants open

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Easter is early-ish this year…

Thursday 1 April – Easter Thursday. Most bars and restaurants open as do larger shops. Small stores close. 

Friday 2 April – Good Friday. Expect bars and restaurants in the main tourist areas to be open. Shops are closed.

Easter is one of the busiest times of the year in Malaga.


Saturday 1 May – Labour Day. Bars and restaurants open as usual, but don’t expect to find any shops open. To compensate, shops open on Sunday 2 May. 

In Spain when a public holiday falls on a Tuesday or Thursday those people who can take the Monday or Friday off as well. This is known as a ‘puente’ (bridge).


Monday 16 August – Ascension Day and a national holiday, officially on 15 August but moved to the 16th this year to make the holiday on a week day. Bars, restaurants and shops are open.

Thursday 19 August – 1 of the 2 local holidays and the high point of Malaga Fair. Shops and businesses close. 


Wednesday 8 September – a local holiday (in Malaga only) celebrating the city’s patron saint, the Virgin of the Victory. Bars and restaurants open, but shops close.

Sunday shopping – shops open on Sunday 6 September. 


Tuesday 12 October – Spanish National Day. Bars, restaurants and shops are open.


Monday 1 November – All Saints Day, when Spanish people traditionally visit cemeteries and honour their dead. Shops, bars and restaurants open as usual.


Monday 6 December – Spanish Constitution Day. Shops and businesses close, but bars and restaurants open as usual. Shops open on Sunday 5 December instead.

Wednesday 8 December – Immaculate Conception Day. Bars, restaurants and shops open.

Saturday 25 December – Christmas Day. Find out more about Christmas in Malaga.

Sunday shopping – shops and markets open on Sunday 12, Sunday 19 and Sunday 26 December to give you extra time for your Christmas shopping!

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