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Your Guide to Malaga Film Festival 2023

One of the biggest events in Malaga – Malaga Film Festival – takes place in March this year. Read our guide to find out what’s on and where.

The 11-day event celebrates the very best of Spanish cinema and provides a feast of films, some of the best on screen, as well as cinema-related activities. 2023 is the 26th anniversary of Malaga Film Festival, an event in the city that usually draws crowds in their thousands.

BTW – about the Malaga Film Festival poster 

This year’s poster is by Adán Miranda Soria, a local graphic designer, and has the title ‘Mirada de Emociones’ (A Look of Feelings).

He has said that he wishes it to express all the feelings you go through at a film festival. Don’t know about you, but we love it! 

When is Malaga Film Festival?

Malaga Film Festival starts on Friday 10 March and finishes on Sunday 19 March 2023.

Note that not all information is currently available for the 2023 edition. We’ll be adding it as soon as we receive it. Meanwhile, bookmark this page.

Which films are shown?

There’s a wealth of films (over 300 in total, 20 in the running for the main prize). This year, the Malaga Film Festival has continued its Latin American theme by including films made in Spain and in Central and South America. Peru is the guest country.

You can view the programme here. You can also search by date and time, or search for the film category you’re interested in and then buy a ticket via this link.

As well as the official competitors, Malaga Film Festival is screening shorts, documentaries as well as films outside the official competition.

Where can I see the films?

You can watch the films at different locations in Malaga city centre including the Cervantes Theatre, Albéniz Cinema and the Echegaray Theatre. The Martin Carpena Sports Stadium hosts the opening night of the Malaga Film Festival and the Cervantes Theatre, the closing gala, probably the most glamourous night of them all. 

Where can I see the action?

This year, you can watch all the events at the Festival on a giant screen in Plaza de la Constitución. They include the opening and closing galas, photo calls and prize-giving ceremonies. 

How much does it cost to see one of the films at Malaga Film Festival?

Prices cost €6 at the box office for most films (from €1 more if you buy your ticket online). If you want to see any of the 19 films in the official section, a ticket costs €12. 

There are also discounts – 10% off if you buy tickets for 5 to 9 screenings, 15% off for 10 to 19 screenings and 20% off tickets for 20 or more.

Are the films only in Spanish?

Not all of them, but because the Malaga Film Festival celebrates cinema in the Spanish language, most of the films are in Spanish. Those that are original version (VOSE) say so on their details in the programme.

In 2023, the Film Festival had a foreign movie section, Mosaico Panorama International, showcasing non-Spanish films that have won awards but not yet been screened in Spain. 

Where can I get tickets?

From the box offices at the different venues and online.

Cerantes Theatre box office: 11am until 30 minutes before the last film.

Albeniz Cinema (Calle Alcazabilla): 3.45pm until 30 minutes before the last film.

Online via Uniticket 

Echegaray Theatre (4-11 June): 5 to 9.30pm.

What are the prizes?

The top prize at the Malaga Film Festival is the ‘Biznaga de Oro‘ (typical flower made of gold jasmine flowers) for the best film. There are also several silver biznaga prizes for best actor, actress, director, supporting actor/actress, music… you get the idea.

biznaga flower
And the gold biznaga goes to…

 Are there any honorary prizes?

Yes, every year the Festival awards prizes to actors and directors for their work in film. In 2023, there were the following honorary prizes:

  • The Malaga Prize (Premio Málaga) goes to the actress Blanca Portillo (one of our favourites).
  • The Retrospective Prize is for the director, Alberto Rodríguez, whose film Modelo 77 has been a huge hit in cinemas over the last few months.
  • The Biznaga Ciudad de Paraíso (City in Paradise) award goes to the iconic Spanish singer, Raphael, who celebrates 60 years on the stage last year.
  • The Malaga Talent Prize for 2023 is for the director Carla Simón. Her highly-acclaimed film Acarrás, won the Golden Bear at the Berlinale last year. 

Is the Malaga Film Festival just about films?

No, there are other events in Malaga too. These include:

ExhibitionsCalle Larios gets a giant red carpet for the duration of the Malaga Film Festival and showcases Spanish films. This year’s topic is Paseo de las Estrellas (stars’ walkway) with the best photos of stars attending the festival in the last 26 years. The photos will line the street from 10 to 19 March. 

Malaga film festival
Red carpet down Larios

Will anyone famous be here for the festival?

The list of VIP guests hasn’t been confirmed yet, but tickets for the Gala Night presentation sold out ages ago so expect more than a few famous faces. We’ll keep you posted! The best places for celebrity spotting are the square in front of the Cervantes Theatre, the Albeniz Cinema and outside the AC Palacio Hotel where many of them stay. You can see them all via the giant screen on Plaza de la Constitución. 

Malaga Film Festival is just one of the events in Malaga during June. Get some inspiration for other things to do here.

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