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best places to see Malaga Fair fireworks

10 best places to see Malaga Fair fireworks

The Malaga Fair fireworks not only signal the start of the biggest summer party they also provide an amazing sight. Some 1,500kg of powder light up the sky for a full 15-20 minutes every year, definitely worth seeing if you’re in town in mid-August. You can see them from almost anywhere high up or on the beach in Malaga, but where are the spots with the very best views? Read on to discover exactly where to get a front row seat for the Malaga Fair fireworks.

Save the date

In 2023, Malaga Fair fireworks go off at midnight on Friday 11 August.

The bad news

First the bad news 😉

The firework opening to the Fair is one of the biggest and most popular events in Malaga. Thousands of local turn out to watch them as well as countless tourists. All this makes grabbing your frontline spot a bit of a challenge. 

Now the good news

But the good news is that with a bit of preparation, early-bird planning and a dose of patience, there’s no reason why you can’t get one of the treasured viewing points. Here are our top tips:

  • Choose your spot well in advance especially if you’re hoping to see the fireworks from a roof terrace, the Cathedral rooftops or from a boat.
  • Until you have tickets for a designated spot, get to yours early. Bag it from mid-afternoon onwards.
  • Take a picnic to pass the time and make an occasion of it.
  • If you’ve chosen the beach, take something to sit on.
  • Bide your time and be patient. Midnight does eventually come round and the long wait will be more than worth it!

10 best places to see the Malaga Fair fireworks

We suggest watching the fireworks from the following locations:

Gibralfaro viewing platform

One of the best places to get a bird’s eye of view of Malaga at any time of the year, the viewing platform also offers fab views of the fireworks. Or you can sit anywhere on the slope up to the platform.

Pros: you also get great views of the port

Cons: small space so it’s crowded and you can’t hear the music.

Restaurant terraces

The restaurants in the Parador has gorgeous views of the city, especially at night and are great for catching the firework display. The restaurant at El Balneario de los Baños del Carmen is slightly further away but views are still good.

Pros: you get to enjoy a delicious meal beforehand.

Cons: limited number of tables so book yours now!

La Coracha

The zigzag steps up the Coracha make a nice spot for firework viewing. Get as high as you can for the best vistas.

Pros: port views as well.

Cons: not too comfy. Take a cushion to sit on.

El Palmeral and Muelle Uno

Our favourite place in Malaga with its frontline position obviously has great views of the fireworks, especially from the Pergola.

Pros: some of the best ground level views.

Cons: limited space so grab your spot early.


The lighthouse gets you almost as close as you can to the Malaga Fair fireworks.

Pros: you can watch a combo of the lighthouse beam and the fireworks.

Cons: super busy and not much space.

Malaga Fair fireworks

La Malagueta Beach

Another close spot to the fireworks where you can hear the music too.

Pros: the after-fireworks concert takes place here, so you can continue the party afterwards and into the small hours.

Cons: very busy so grab the spot for your towel in the very early afternoon.

From a boat

Several boat companies in Malaga run firework viewing trips. Ask at the tourist office or enquire directly at the boats on Muelle Uno.

Pros: there’s something magical about watching fireworks when you’re out at sea.

Cons: very limited tickets so book as early as you can.

From the Cathedral

Malaga Cathedral organises Malaga Fair fireworks viewing from the rooftops. Tickets go on sale a week beforehand and cost around €25. You can buy them online or at the ticket office in Bishop’s Palace, open 10am to 6pm.

Pros: great view of Malaga port and the fireworks.

Cons: it’s a steep climb up a lot of steps to get there.

Malaga Fair fireworks display

Rooftop terraces

You can see the fireworks from many of the rooftop terraces in Malaga. AC Palacio has the highest and therefore the best, but views should be good from them all.

Pros: you can combine a cocktail and fireworks.

Cons: limited space so book yours well in advance or grab a table early on.

Western beaches

You can watch the Malaga Fair fireworks from all the city beaches. San Andrés gives you a view of them from behind the port cranes and La Misericordia offers a view from the distance.

Pros: more room to spread out.

Cons: not close-up views so you’ll miss the fireworks going off at a lower level.

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