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FAQs about Malaga

Below are a selection of FAQs about Malaga and the guide. If your question isn’t here please send it to us and we’ll add it together with the answer to the list.

Malaga as a Holiday Destination

Where is Malaga?

Malaga is on the south coast of Spain in the region of Andalucia. It’s on the Mediterranean and is the capital of the Costa del Sol. It’s 540km from Madrid and 1,000km from Barcelona.

Why should I visit Malaga?

It’s the perfect short-break destination with lots to offer everyone. There’s loads to see, it’s almost always sunny, the people are welcoming and prices are tourist-friendly. Not convinced? Check out more reasons why you should visit Malaga.

How long should I go to Malaga for?

Malaga’s a medium-sized city and most of the attractions are concentrated in a small area. Give yourself a long weekend and you should manage to see the very best Malaga has to offer. Even if you only have a day – if you’re visiting Malaga on a cruise, for example – you should be able to get a good taste of the city (especially if you’ve had a good look round the Guide to Malaga website!). Our best-selling Malaga on a Short Break comes packed with things to do if you’re in Malaga for 2,3,4 or 5 days.

Is there much to see in Malaga?

There’s plenty to see and do in Malaga especially during the warmer weather when you can combine your stay with a few days on the beach. Take a good look at our Things to Do and Things to See sections.

After I’ve been to the museums, what else is there to do in Malaga?

Lots! This is a city with plenty to offer beyond the art museums – outdoor activities, cultural events, sports, shops, restaurants… The list is long and they’re all on the Guide to Malaga website. And if you aren’t in sightseeing, check out some alternative things to do in Malaga.

When’s the best time of year to visit Malaga?

Malaga has a pleasant climate all year round and there isn’t a huge difference between the seasons so any time is good. Read our month-by-month guide to the best time of year to visit Malaga to see when suits you best.

Is there wifi in Malaga?

Lots of areas within the city itself have free wifi, most hotels and hostels provide it as do lots of cafés and restaurants. Read our guide to free wifi in Malaga.

Do people speak English in Malaga?

The level of English in the city centre and at tourist attractions is reasonable and you’ll be able to make yourself understand. Once you move away from the centre, you may find English not so widely spoken but the Malagueños are generally very helpful so when there’s a will there’s a way!

To make things easier, you might want to think about learning the local lingo while you’re in town. Find out why Malaga is ideal for learning Spanish. Or if you’d like a bargain ebook, buy your copy of our Malaga Phrase Bookjust €0.95!

Getting to Malaga

Are there many flights to Malaga?

Plenty– Malaga is connected by air to around 125 destinations. Read our guide to Malaga Airport for more comprehensive information.

How do I get to Malaga from the airport?

Regular trains and buses connect Malaga Airport with the city itself. Trains take you as far as the river, just on the edge of the old quarter; buses take you a little further into town. Your choice will depend on where you’re staying in Malaga and how far you want to walk when you get off the train or bus. If your accommodation isn’t on a bus or train route or you’ve got lots of luggage a taxi is probably your best bet.

Our Getting To and Around Malaga section lists all the transport options.

Should I hire a car in Malaga?

Most of Malaga’s attractions are in the city centre that’s easy to navigate and compact, and you can get to most of the rest easily on public transport. Parking is difficult (and expensive) in the centre. But if you’re planning day trips outside the city or visiting Malaga on your way to somewhere else it would be a good idea to hire car.

Read our guide to car hire in Malaga.

Getting around Malaga

What’s Malaga public transport like?

Generally good, particularly within the centre and to and from the airport. Full details of all public transport options can be found in our Getting Around Malaga section.

Is it easy to get round Malaga on foot?

Yes, very. Malaga’s probably one of the easiest Spanish cities to walk around – most of the attractions are located with the compact city centre and it’s almost completely flat.

Can you cycle in Malaga?

Yes. Malaga is a great city for cyclists – it doesn’t rain much, it’s flat and there are lots of cycle lanes. Read our guide to getting around Malaga by bike.

FAQs about Guide to Malaga website

What’s different about this website?

Everything on the website has been written by Joanna Styles, a travel guide expert who lives in Malaga. Our aim is to tell you all you need to know to get the most out of your stay in the city. We’ve included maps for every single listing in the Where to Stay and Where to Eat sections. And information is regularly updated to ensure you’re the first to know about changes or new arrivals.

How are the listings different?

All the listings on the Guide to Malaga website are objective, correct and with up-to-date information. We only include businesses who offer a quality product or service and value for money.

What’s your criteria for including a venue?

All the places to eat and sleep come on recommendation, either our own or those of friends in Malaga. Everywhere has been tried and tested by locals. And all venues must be proven to offer quality, value and good service. (We have very high standards when we go on holiday and think Malaga should offer these too!)

Is the website up-to-date?

The Malaga guide website is updated regularly – we add new attractions and venues as they open and update information that changes. That said, keeping 400+ pages of information about Malaga up-to-date all the time is no mean feat so if you see something we’ve missed, please let us know and we’ll rectify it as soon as we can.

Is the website in any other languages apart from English?

Not at the moment – one of our USPs is comprehensive, up-to-date information in English. In the future, we’d love to translate it into other languages such as French, German and Dutch. Watch this space! Meanwhile, if you’re really stuck, just right click for Google to translate the information into your language. The Google AI translators are getting better and better.

I’m in Malaga for just a day. Is it worth browsing your website?

If you want concise, useful and up-to-date information all in one place (on your smartphone or tablet) then definitely yes. We have been told that we’re the go-to source for information about Malaga in English…

Questions about the contents of Guide to Malaga website

Does the Malaga guide include activities for children? Yes, we suggest lots of things to do with children in Malaga, one of the most family-friendly cities in Spain! Read about things to do with kids in Malaga.

Have you included information about hotels in Malaga?

Yes, there are lots of ideas for accommodation in Malaga to suit all budgets and tastes. We’ve included luxury hotels, boutique gems, ideas for those of you on a budget, quiet havens and a really unusual self-catering pad. We’ve also included a handy guide to accommodation in Malaga with tips of how to choose the location, what to look for in a hotel and how to save money. Browse the Where to Stay in Malaga section

Can I book my hotel in Malaga via the website?

As part of our policy of offering a quality service, we have included links to all our accommodation listings via Booking.com. We use Booking ourselves and find it very useful, especially if you want to read reviews. You also have the handy cancel option that some hotels still don’t provide.

Does it include information about renting an apartment in Malaga?

Does it include information about renting an apartment in Malaga?”]Most of the accommodation options are hotels in Malaga, although we have included a few self-catering venues, all stunning.

Does the website include information about the Costa del Sol?

This is a guide about Malaga city, although we do include a few ideas for side trips to nearby places while you’re here. But you won’t find information about resorts on the Costa del Sol generally. Read about the best Day Trips from Malaga.

If you’re looking for travel guides to the Costa del Sol, head over to our sister site, Costa del Sol Road Trips. Here, you’ll find themed 7-day road trips for you, your people, your interests and in your time.

Does it include maps of Malaga?

Every listing comes with its own Google map so you can easily and quickly find out where things are.

Does this guide to Malaga include practical information?

Yes and lots of it. For example, we list the main consulates in Malaga and give practical advice on what to do in an emergency or if things go wrong. You’ll find a map of public toilets and a list of tourist offices. And there’s information on getting to Malaga from the airport and getting around the city on public transport. Check out the Need to Know section.

I own a venue in Malaga and would like to be in the guide. What do I do?

First of all, read our Media Pack (in English or in Spanish) and then get in touch to find out how we can help your business reach the right kind of tourists and raise its profile. We look forward to doing business with you!