Just the words you need for Malaga!

No need to be stuck for words when you’re next in Malaga. Get your handy guide to essential phrases to help you get more out of your stay!

Phasebook guide

Learn those little phrases that’ll make all the difference to your stay.

  • Handy sentences & expressions.
  • Themed by place & activity.
  • Hand-in-hand with top tips.
  • Fun & light-hearted (like Malaga!).
  • 10 expressions for Malaga.

The guide has been written by Joanna Styles, an experienced travel writer and creator of the Guide to Malaga website, and Sandra Rodríguez, a Spanish teacher in Malaga.

Both are passionate about Spanish and Malaga and realise that you get so much out of trip if you speak a bit of the language. Joanna and Sandra got together to see how they could combine Spanish and Malaga and so the Essential Malaga Phrasebook was born.

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Quick and easy to consult whenever you need Malaga at your fingertips.

Your Essential Malaga Phrasebook comes packed with must-know information in full-colour in PDF format. Just download your copy and store on your phone/tablet or laptop.