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Moving to Malaga or Costa del Sol?

Save money, time & energy with this handy up-to-date guide – everything you need to know!

Latest update – February 2023


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“Really wish we’d had this book when we first started planning our move to the Costa del Sol. Everything would have been so much easier!”

Maggie and Brian, British and living in Mijas Costa
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Save time, energy & stress when you move to the Costa del Sol

170 pages packed with detailed information

  • Detailed area guides
  • Step-by-step guides to all the paperwork.
  • Full lowdown on property, jobs & business, healthcare, schools, finances…
  • Latest rules for Brits after Brexit.
  • Exclusive quarterly updates.

All in one handy pdf to read on any device. Payment is through an encrypted secure platform (Stripe) ensuring your payment details are 100% safe at all times.

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About Joanna Styles – the author of this Malaga relocation guide

Joanna Styles is CEO of Guide to Malaga and a freelance writer and author based in Malaga, which she sees as just about the perfect place to live. Joanna first arrived on the Costa del Sol in 1989.

Since then, she has gained big insight into living on the Costa del Sol as a foreigner. She has worked as a teacher, set up her own business and company; brought up two daughters who went to four different types of school; moved house several times (buying and renting); and done all the paperwork (NIE, Spanish driving licence, Spanish nationality, tax returns…)

She has used this experience professionally in her writing career that began in 1995 with Survival Books updating relocation ‘bibles’ such as Living & Working in Spain.

She went on to write Culture Wise Spain and Costa del Sol Lifeline among others (now all sadly out of print) and she has written numerous articles about relocating for publications such as A Place in the Sun magazine.

In 2020, Joanna received an avalanche of emails from Guide to Malaga users asking questions about moving to the Costa del Sol. She created Your Guide to Moving to Malaga and the Costa del Sol to provide all the answers.

Joanna Styles, author of Moving to Malaga and The Costa del Sol guide

“This guide has been so useful and it’s become our bible as we start to put things in place for our move later on this year. I especially like the step by step guides and have signed up for the updates!”

Matt and Femke Janssen, Amsterdam

What’s inside the 170 pages?

Detailed area information, step-by-step guides…

checklists & expat insights…

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Literally all the info you need and for €14.95 €9.95

All written and compiled by a relocation expert (who lives on the Costa del Sol and loves it!) with the help of professionals whose job it is to make moving to the Costa del Sol a smooth and easy process.

“My family and I are still at the pre-planning stage for our move to Mijas Costa but we’ve already bookmarked several sections in this guide as essential reading. It’s really helpful and I like the idea of having quarterly updates – that way we know we always have the right information. Super important at the moment with Brexit.”

Simon McNeil, London UK

“I felt very privileged to be one of the first to read this new guide to relocating to Malaga. We’ve been thinking of taking a plunge for a while and after reading this information, we’re keener than ever. Joanna tells you everything you need to know – I really like the guide to different areas in Malaga and the info on schools gave us food for thought. Now all we need to do is start learning Spanish!”

Sally Newman, currently in Salisbury, UK and dreaming of Malaga

Save time, energy and stress when you move to the Costa del Sol.