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Things you need to know in Malaga

This section includes practical information about Malaga, all the stuff you need to know before you arrive. To keep to basics, we’ve divided this section into 6 main categories:

Getting to and around

One of your first questions when you arrive at the airport is how do I get to Malaga when I arrive at the airport. You’ll also probably want to know how to get around the city once you arrive. We’re also included information on Malaga for wheelchair users. Read on to find all the answers plus lots of tips in the transport section of the Guide to Malaga website.

Why visit?

Malaga might not be on your radar as a holiday destination. It’s true that many tourists arrive at Malaga Airport and rush off to one of the Costa del Sol resorts without giving the city a second glance. However, those that do visit Malaga are pleasantly surprised to discover a vibrant, happening city with plenty to do and see.

If you need more convincing, the information about Malaga in this section will help you make up your mind and book that flight now!

When to visit?

A key time of year for Malaga festivals with a big one almost every month. Take a lot at our guide to spring events in Malaga plus our month-by-month inspiration.

Malaga Essentials

This section answers all those nitty gritty questions that you often need to answer when you’re on holiday. In this section of our website you’ll find information about Malaga costs, tourist offices, wifi hotspots, toilets, what to do when it rains…

Buy or rent a property

Many visitors to Malaga fall in love with the city so much they want a permanent home there. This section includes information about buying or renting property in Malaga.

Expats in Malaga

And if you’re looking for information about Malaga from an expat’s point of view, read these posts from one of our most popular series, Living in Malaga. In this series of interviews expats reveal why they have decided to make the city their home.

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