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The advantages of buying new build properties in Malaga
Interior design in Malaga – industrial style


The advantages of buying new build properties in Malaga

A new home or a resale property? That’s a question that many potential buyers ask themselves before making one of the most important investments in their life. The answer obviously depends on individual circumstances, but in general, new developments in Malaga offer the following advantages over resale homes.

example of layout for new build properties in Malaga

Payment flexibility

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of buying new build properties in Malaga comes in paying for them. Although new homes tend to be more expensive, you can buy in installments. Unlike resale properties that you pay for in one go.

Payment for new builds in Malaga is usually as follows:

  • 10% deposit when you sign the contract.
  • Stage payments typically at 6, 12 and 18 months.
  • Outstanding amount (sometimes as a mortgage loan) on completion.

And talking of mortgages, buying off plan in Malaga gives you more time to shop around for and negotiate the best loan.

Energy efficiency

One of the biggest benefits of new homes in Malaga is their energy efficiency. Spanish construction regulations means that developers have to comply with energy measures. This means less energy consumption that translates to cheaper utility bills.

To enhance energy efficiency, new homes also use higher quality materials. This means that new developments in Malaga have a smaller carbon footprint as well lower energy use.


Move-in ready new build properties in Malaga

Buy a new home and you can move in straight away and not have to do any refurbishment. You already know exactly what the property is going to look like and include. So, as soon as you complete the purchase, it’s move-in ready.

And another advantage of buying a new build rather than resale property in Malaga comes in the guarantee from the developer. Under Spanish law, you have a year to claim against defects on finishes, up to three years for installations and ten if it’s a structural fault. With resale properties, on the other hand, it’s difficult to claim against the previous owner.


You can also pick and choose when you buy off-plan in Malaga. Take the position for a start – maybe you fancy a ground-floor apartment with private garden or a top-floor penthouse flat with views.

Most new developments allow you to personalise the interiors. You usually get a choice of materials and fittings and fixtures. And some even offer tailormade layouts and/or interiors.

Communal areas

New developments in Malaga generally come with well-equipped communal areas. These often include more than gardens and children’s playparks. A pool is often a given (sometimes two with one for children) as well as sporting facilities such as paddle tennis and basketball courts.

Plus owners can buy private parking spaces – one or two depending on the development. And that all-important storage room.

Choice of location

As with resale properties, the most important factor influencing your choice of new build in Malaga is location. You’ll find a selection of new developments in the city and in coastal locations such as Torre del Mar, Torremolinos and Estepona. All enjoy the prime locations and make the best of the Costa del Sol.

And now for the difficult bit: choosing the new home for you! Discover what’s on the market for new builds in Malaga.

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Interior design in Malaga – industrial style

You’ll have noticed it in some of the newer restaurants and hotels in Malaga, industrial style is gaining ground in interior design in Malaga. In this article, we look at its origins, features and how to recreate it in your home.

example of industrial style in interior design in Malaga

Origins of industrial style

This type of interior design comes from New York in the mid-20th century when young artists took over abandoned factories and workshops. The move combined a place to live with somewhere to work.

High ceilings, beams and giant windows make up the bare bones of most industrial spaces. Not for nothing are the homes known as ‘lofts’. While typical materials tend to be manmade – iron, steel and concrete rather than natural wood.

Typical features

Structure on view – industrial design tends to undress a space leaving it with just its structure. Pipes, unrendered walls and beams are left uncovered and form a natural part of the design itself.

Materials with character – paint and plaster are almost absent from industrial design leaving centre stage to steel, iron and concrete. Brick walls are also popular. And elements in wood add a touch of warmth to what could be a rather cold setting.

Sombre colours –  in industrial design, structure forms the focal point so colours must be neutral. Anything brighter will detract from the setting. The colour palette is merely a complement to the rest of the design.

Wide bright spaces – loft-type homes automatically come with bright open spaces. High ceilings, as open-plan as possible and large windows are key features in industrial interior design.

Minimalist atmosphere – less is definitely more in industrial design. When you look around the space, you should instantly get the feeling of order and tidiness. As a result, furniture and accessories are kept to a minimum. However, minimalist doesn’t have to mean modern and some loft homes include vintage elements. Upcycled pieces of furniture and retro accessories both fit well into this type of interior design.


Industrial design in new developments in Malaga

If you’d like to give your home in Malaga a touch of New York converted factory style, here are some tips on how to do it:

Feature pieces – choose one or two for your home. Think a leather sofa (even better if Chester), steel chairs (like the classic Tolix), tables with iron legs…

Recycle and/or upcycle – the origin of loft homes goes hand in hand with creativity, opening the door to a ton of possibilities. Recycle old furniture pieces from the 50s to create unique focal points in your home. Or upcycle wooden boxes into shelving or turn old suitcases into bedside tables.

Striking textiles – not too many or in bright colours (see above), but do include a splash of textiles in your design. Tartans and tweeds go particularly well.

Bright lights – forget the lampshades. Industrial style in interior design favours the naked bulb, metal lamps and spotlights.

example of industrial style kitchen

Where to see industrial style design in Malaga

Some of the best examples include:

  • La Fábrica in Soho (Calle Trinidad Grund)
  • Bagazo on the western seafront (Paseo Marítimo Antonio Machado 60)
  • La Antxoeta in Soho (Calle Barroso 7)
  • Majestic Heights new development

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