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general view of main districts in Malaga

Quick guide to the main districts in Malaga

If you’re buying property in Malaga, it’s helpful to know the characteristics of the different areas. Of course, this is no substitute for exploring them yourself – the best location research is always done on foot. But to give you an idea, here’s a guide to the main districts in Malaga.

Main districts in Malaga Centre

For the purposes of this guide, we’ve divided the centre of the city into two areas:

Malaga’s historic centre and the Ensanche Centro

These two districts border each other, and the Malaga harbour is included in the second district. They’re both perfect for anyone who wants to experience the real vibe of the city and be within walking distance to all amenities, as well as the main museums and La Malagueta beach.

Both areas, in particular the historic area, are full of bars and restaurants, and there’s always a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere (day and night).

Types of property: There are many buildings and apartments of different periods here, from well-conserved apartments, built in the 19th century, where the original style is conserved, for instance, the typical high ceilings and carved wood panelling.

On the other hand, there are mamy more recent buildings, even some new construcciones, from the 20th or 21st centuries, with recently renovated and modern decorated apartments. Many have sea views.

Property prices: The median price for buying an apartment in this part of the city is one of the highest in the whole of Malaga with an average price of €4,400 per m² and €3,600 per m² respectively.

Plaza de la Constitucion Malaga
Historic homes in Calle Larios, Malaga centre

La Goleta, El Molinillo, Capuchinos, El Ejido and La Merced

These other popular districts in Malaga lie to the north and northeast of the historic centre. Here you’ll find the El Ejido university campus, one of the two at Malaga University, the Cervantes Theatre, and the river Guadalmedina, a calm green space, perfect for a leisurely stroll.

La Trinidad, Mármoles and Perchel Norte/Sur

On the other side of the river you find these districts. They run northeast to north-south to the historic centre and make their way to the seafront. Perchel Sur has the added advantage of the mainline train station, making it accessible for travellers.

Victoria, Conde de Ureña and Gibralfaro

These districts are located in the north and west part of the city center. Castillo de Gibralfaro offers culture and good views while Monte Victoria (located in the area of Conde de Ureña) offers an even better view of the city and the sea.

In general, all the areas that surround the historic centre are quieter and less busy , but still only a 5 to 15 minute walk to the historic centre. They also have easy access to all amenities including supermarkets, parks and the beach.

Property prices: The average price for an apartment is lower than the centre with prices ranging from €2,200 to €3,200 per m², which makes these neighborhoods a good investment. Holiday and short-term rentals offer good potential for return because many visitors find, among other things, the location appealing.

Plaza de la Merced Malaga
Historic apartments in Plaza de la Merced

Malaga East

One of the main districts in Malaga city is the area east of the Port and centre. Historically popular with holidaymakers – the city’s first holiday villas were built here – this area offers some of the finest property in Malaga. Slightly further east are the popular neighbourhoods of El Palo and Pedregalejo.

La Malagueta (Plaza de Toros, Monte Sancha, Playa la Caleta)

This district is next to Gibralfaro Castle and houses the shopping mall, Muelle Uno and of course
the famous beach in Malaga. It’s a very popular and vibrant area with high-rise apartments and hotel complexes next to the beach. It’s also an attractive district for big companies – Google is set to establish its brand new cybersecurity headquarters in Paseo de la Farola, next to Muelle Uno.

Northeast of La Malagueta beach is the beautiful Monte Sancha, where you can find luxurious villas with sea views. Bordering Monte Sancha is El Limonar, a high-end residential area with some of the most stunning residential architecture in the city. These neighborhoods has some
steep hills so be prepared to do a bit of climbing while walking around in this area.

Property prices: together with the historic centre, La Malagueta ranks as one of the most expensive districts in Malaga. Expect to pay €4,400 per m² for property here. The average price for flats and houses in El Limonar is €3,300 per m².

Cerrado de Calderón, Pedregalejo and El Palo

Cerrado de Calderón is one of the most exclusive and close to nature districts in Malaga – its green areas runs to over 300,000m² . Here you’ll find excellent private and international schools and leisure activities making this one of the most family-friendly in the city. Properties mainly consist of single-family, terraced and semi-detached homes with swimming pools and lushly
landscaped gardens.

Discover El Palo and Pedregalejo on foot check out our self-guided walking tour.

Back on the coast and around 5km east from the city centre is Pedregalejo, a traditional fishing village, now a popular neighbourhood beaches, restaurants and bars. It has a friendly vibe and is perfect for families. El Palo has a similar feel and atmosphere, although it’s slightly bigger.

Property prices: homes in Cerrado de Calderón have an average price of €2,500 per m² while those in Pedregalejo come in at around €2,700 per m². El Palo has the cheapest property of the these three districts in Malaga – expect to pay €2,300 per m².

El Palo beaches in Malaga
Frontline beach properties in El Palo

Malaga West

Our final stop on our tours of the main districts in Malaga, takes us to the west of the city. The western seafront takes pride of place here and you’ll also find the Russian Museum, the Car Museum and La Térmica Cultural Centre.

Huelin, Martín Carpena and Calle Pacifico

The Huelin area was primarily built for the working class and today is one of the most popular neighbourhoods in the city. It has easy access to the beach (San Andrés and La Misericordia), good public transport into the city centre (about 30 minutes’ walk) and some of the best tapas bars in town. The beautiful Huelin park has more than 700 trees and 2 artificial lakes.

view of Huelin park
View of Huelin park

Approximately 4 km west of Huelin, following the beautiful Calle Pacifico, is Martín Carpena/ Parque Litoral neighbourhood. One of the newest districts in the city, it has apartment blocks (many with sea views), parks and sports centres plus is within walking distance to La Misericordia beach. You can easily reach the city centre by metro or bus.

Calle Pacífico is the name of the western seafront, home to some of the most desirable beachfront property in Malaga. New construction is taking place at the western end as the remaining vacant land plots are developed.

Property prices: homes in Huelin are among the most affordable in Malaga city with an average square metre price of €2,200. Martín Carpena/ Parque Litoral has higher prices – expect to pay €3,300 per m². Property on the seafront on Calle Pacífico has premium price tags and costs at least €3,800 per m².

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