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10 reasons why you need a lawyer in Malaga

Maybe using a lawyer in Malaga isn’t quite what you planned, but in Spain, taking professional advice is advantageous in a number of circumstances. The most common is when you buy or rent a home when independent legal advice is absolutely essential to ensure you get the best deal and 100% above board. And then there are other instances when having a lawyer at your side turns out to be more than useful. 

Not convinced? Read on to discover ten reasons why having a lawyer in Malaga could be just what you, your time management, stress levels and wallet need. 

Reason 1 – Spanish law is different 

Like the famous tourism slogan, Spain is different, its legal system is too. And like laws and legislation everywhere in the world, it’s complex. Even if you speak fluent Spanish, you’re very unlikely to understand the ins and outs of the law. 

Hire a lawyer in Malaga, on the other hand, and you have access to someone who will explain exactly what a particular law or field of law means. And most importantly, how it affects you and your money. 

Reason 2 – they speak your language 

Most lawyers in Malaga speak English and many offices have multi-lingual staff. That means that they can explain Spanish legal proceedings to you in plain English, French, German, Swedish, Dutch … 

Bottom line? A clear explanation of a Spanish legal document or procedure in the language you speak will reassure you and provide peace of mind. 

Reason 3 – law is complicated  

Degrees in law last 4 to 6 years in Spain and then there’s the post-degree training to gain experience. It typically takes at least 10 years for lawyers in Malaga to become what you would call fully qualified. The reason? Law is complicated and it takes an experienced professional to understand it in order to be able to help clients. 

Reason 4 – a lawyer in Malaga will save you time and money 

You could spend hours pouring over legal documents, attempting to decipher the flowery language and legal terms. And then, even after doing all this, you’ll still have no idea what to do. 

Or you could hire a lawyer in Malaga to do all that for you. In the long term, you’ll save your precious time and money and get the best possible outcome.  

Bottom line? Legal matters are always better left in the hands of professionals.

Reason 5 – you need one to buy, rent or sell property

Technically, you don’t need a lawyer in Malaga to assist you when you buy property or sell or rent it. But again, you’ll save time, money and stress if you get advice from a professional. 

You’ll avoid buying a lemon, those properties you read about that are illegal, turn out to have leaseholds rather than freeholds or don’t actually belong to the person who says they own it. 

Furthermore, you’ll do everything above board and buy or sell with full legal guarantees

And if you’re renting, you’ll get a fair rental contract with no draconian clauses that mean you have to pay more. Or suddenly have to leave the property or have no rights as a tenant. 

Example of sort of office a lawyer in Malaga might use

Reason 6 – you need a lawyer to settle an estate in Malaga 

Or to draw up your will to ensure the law protects your assets in Spain and that they go to their rightful heirs. Inheritance procedures and taxes are complicated and it helps to have a professional to guide you at what is usually a very difficult time. 

Bottom line? Only a lawyer will look out for your interests and ensure they are protected and fully represented. 

Reason 7 – you need a professional to do your taxes in Spain 

Although different topics, taxes and law turn out to be close cousins. They’re both complex, ever-changing and expensive if you get them wrong. It’s therefore well worth taking professional advice for all your tax affairs. 

You’ll find that many lawyers in Malaga offer tax services too. Use them to avoid fines and surcharges and to ensure you take full advantage of double taxation treaties. And again, you’ll save yourself valuable time and money. 

Reason 8 – lawyers in Malaga have professional indemnity insurance

Under Spanish law, all lawyers must have professional indemnity insurance. This policy protects you, the client, in the case of anything going wrong in the legal proceedings. 

How do you know if your lawyer in Malaga has the insurance? Ask to see their registration number with the Malaga Bar Association (Colegio de Abogados de Málaga). 

Bottom line? Only fully qualified and registered lawyers can provide the advice and assistance you need.  

Reason 9 – it isn’t necessarily expensive

Cost is often the main objection to hiring a lawyer and the profession has the reputation for being expensive. But, a lawyer can turn out to be cheap in terms of the time, stress and future nightmare scenarios they save you. This is particularly true in property and tax matters when legal services turn out to be good value for money. 

Plus, many legal firms in Malaga offer a free first consultation with a no-obligation quote.  

Reason 10 – you’ll have peace of mind 

Our last reason is perhaps the most compelling on the list. After all, the knowledge that a professional is representing your interests, solving the problem or ensuring that you don’t have one in the future is priceless. And total peace of mind.

This article was compiled with the help of Malaga Solicitors whose team has over 20 years experience working for foreign residents and non-residents in Malaga City. Their specialist topics are real estate law (buying and renting residential and commercial property) and tax matters. They offer competitive rates, excellent results and personalised attention.

To learn more about their services or to arrange a free appointment, please feel free to contact Malaga Solicitors  on 952 901 225, via e-mail on mail@malagasolicitors.com.

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