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celebrating peace of mind with funeral insurance in Spain

6 reasons to take out funeral plans in Spain

There’s only one thing for sure in life and that’s death. As Bob Dylan said, “he who is not busy being born is busy dying”. But of course, we don’t know when! And all too often we avoid the subject and prefer not to have those difficult conversations. The good news is, however, that peace of mind can be yours by taking out funeral plans in Spain. In this article, we look at six reasons why funeral insurance is a must for everyone whatever stage you’re at in life.

Peace of mind for everyone

The prime reason for having funeral insurance in Costa del Sol comes in the tranquility they provide for everyone. Not just you, but your nearest and dearest too. Imagine knowing that your last wishes have been taken note of, that arrangements are in place and that all paperwork will be taken care of legally and professionally in the hands of your funeral advisor. That’s absolute peace of mind.

Financial freedom

Did you know that a funeral in Spain can be very expensive? And we’d all agree that the last thing your family needs is the stress of how they’re going to pay for your funeral and burial or cremation particularly when your death may come out of the blue.

Funeral planning in Spain avoids all this anxiety because the insurance policy takes care of everything. Your family will have no need to pay for anything or worry about not respecting your last wishes because they can’t afford to pay for them. That’s financial freedom.

In your language and culture

You might have lived in Spain for years, but the chances are that your native language and culture will still be what you identify with. In life as well as death. Taking out funeral insurance in Spain with advisor who speaks English means your funeral can go ahead according to your customs and requests.

Your advisor will listen to your preferences, advise on the options and suggest the optimum way to meet your requirements. And best of all, respecting your language and your culture.

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Zero worries

However long you’ve been resident in Spain, there are still things that will surprise you and catch you out. You will most probably be unfamiliar with the procedure and paperwork involved in a death and it’s hugely reassuring to know that because of your funeral plan in Spain, all this is in good hands. No need to for you to worry before the event or for your loved ones to worry about afterwards. That’s zero anxiety for everyone.

A plan

The secret to many things in life lies in “Being Prepared”. And death is one of them. While you don’t know when it will be, you can organise your affairs and responsibilities in advance.

When you take out funeral insurance in Costa del Sol, you have a designated funeral advisor. Meet them and discuss how you want to plan ahead. They can advise on the right course of action and help you get your affairs in order. And then all you need to do is get on with the rest of your life!

Extra benefits

Some funeral plans in Spain includes extras, giving you additional value for value. For example:

  • Some offer free medical assistance for you and your family – 24-hour medical assistance, pediatric consultations, a second opinion and discounts at private clinics.
  • Another extra may be legal assistance – you have access to legal advice by phone to help out with queries, documents and contracts.
  • Travel insurance may also be part of funeral insurance – you qualify for compensation for cancellations and cover for medical expenses and repatriation, for example.

Single payment or funeral plans in Spain?

Most funeral insurance companies in Spain offer two options – a single payment policy or a funeral plan. The one-off policy is best for Spanish residents over 70 and entails paying for all your funeral arrangements in a single installation.

A funeral insurance policy in Spain consists of monthly payments and is similar to the insurance you take out for your home or car, for example.

Choose the experts

Meridiano is one of the longest established specialists in funeral insurance in Spain. Since 1966, their clients have enjoyed peace of mind, financial freedom and zero worries through Meridiano’s funeral plans.

The company offers extremely competitive rates for comprehensive funeral plans in Spain. Click for a free quote here.

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