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finding toilets in Malaga

Where to find toilets in Malaga

Maybe not on your must-see list and not one of the top things to do in Malaga. But when you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go. Since toilets in Malaga will definitely be on your must-visit we’ve compiled a list of places in Malaga city centre with toilets. And as always, we’ve included a handy map at the bottom.
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Toilets in Malaga on the seafront and beaches

There are plenty of toilet facilities along the seafront. They usually open from 10am to 8pm (6pm in winter). If they’re not open, use the toilets in the nearest beach bar or restaurant.

Accessible: public toilets generally yes.

Cleanliness rating: public toilets are great first thing in the morning but later on is a different matter. Those in beach restaurants are OK with some top notch.


Toilets in Malaga in cafés and restaurants

Facilities are generally for customers only and you might find you need the key to open them. However, we find that most places don’t mind you using the toilet if you’re not a client as long as you ask first. After all, it’s difficult to say no to someone who obviously needs to go.

Accessible: in newer establishments yes; in older, maybe not.

Cleanliness rating: the higher-end the establishment, the cleaner the toilets.

Toilets in Malaga in car parks

All central car parks have toilet facilities and you don’t have to have your car parked to use them. But…

Accessible: toilets generally yes.

Cleanliness rating: low to very low, although the toilets in Muelle Uno car park are an exception to this.

Toilets in Malaga in shops

Most shops don’t allow customers to use their toilets. In the Corte Inglés department store toilets are available on all floors, next to the lifts.

Accessible: yes

Cleanliness rating: good.

Toilets in Malaga monuments and museums

All have toilets, although you usually need to have an entrance ticket to use them except at the CAC (toilets are downstairs to the right of the entrance). Toilets at the Picasso Museum and Carmen Thyssen Museum can be used if you’re in the café.

Accessible: yes in museums.

Cleanliness rating: good.


Public toilets in Malaga

Difficult to find in the city centre.

Muelle Uno has good toilet facilities – next to Conico ice cream parlour – with a baby changing and feeding area.
The tourist office on Plaza de la Marina has one toilet (be prepared for a queue).

Accessible: yes

Cleanliness rating: good.

Need to know – toilets in Malaga

Do you have to pay?

We don’t know of anywhere in Malaga that charges a fee for using the toilet. In a few restaurants and cafés you can leave a tip if you like.

Is there toilet paper?

Bit of a lottery this one. There usually is in the toilets in museums, restaurants, El Corte Inglés and Muelle Uno. Don’t count on it elsewhere. Take your own.

Will the hand-dryer work?

Probably not. And in the worse case scenario, there won’t be any paper towels either.

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