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Cost of a holiday in Malaga

“How does it cost?” is one of the most frequently asked questions about a holiday in Malaga. Lots of people want to know how much prices are in Malaga. In this city-break destination, what do you pay for things like accommodation, restaurants and museums?

The short answer is not very much, although prices have gone up over the last couple of years. Malaga is probably far cheaper than you’d imagined especially if you’re coming from a northern European city and most people find Malaga is a low-cost destination that doesn’t break the bank.

But low-cost doesn’t mean low quality and we think you’re going to be pleasantly surprised about how much you get for your money in Malaga. So, getting down to the nitty-gritty: how much does a holiday in Malaga cost?


Like all Spanish cities, Malaga offers great value for money when it comes to hotels. You’ll find a reasonably good selection of hotels, hostels and self-catering holiday lets in Malaga with accommodation prices to suit most budgets.

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In our Where to Stay in  Malaga section, we’ve included a range of options and here’s what you can expect to pay for accommodation in Malaga for a double room in low season (November to April excluding Easter Week). For the rest of the year, add at least 15 per cent.

  • Budget accomodation with shared bathroom – from €50
  • Budget accomodation with private bathroom – from €70
  • Boutique B&B – from €90
  • 3-star hotel – from €90
  • 4-star hotel – from €125
  • 5-star hotel – from €150

Top tip unless it’s included in the price don’t bother paying for breakfast at the hotel. Pop out to one of the nearby cafés or bars and breakfast for €3.

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Eating Out

Even if you decide to treat yourself to a gourmet dinner created by a Michelin-starred chef, you’ll find eating out in Malaga considerably cheaper than most cities in northern Europe. Here’s an idea:

  • Breakfast (drink, orange juice plus toast) – from €3
  • Chocolate and churros – from €3
  • Tapa – from €2
  • Sandwich (filling in baguette bread) – from €3.50
  • Half-portion – from €5
  • Full portion – from €8
  • Plate of fried fish – from €8
  • Sardine espeto – from €4
  • Main course – from €10

Top tip Check out the menú del día, available at many bars at lunchtime. Priced from €10, it includes a choice of starters, mains and desserts, and usually a drink. Portions are usually generous too.

We think you’ll agree that eating out in Malaga is excellent value. How many other tourist hot spots do you know where you can get a good cup of coffee for €1.50?

Public transport

Most visitors say they’re surprised how cheap public transport is in Malaga. It has never been expensive, but since 2022 getting around by bus, train or metro is super cheap. This is because of government (local, regional and national) subsidies designed to encourage people to travel by public transport instead of getting their car out.

Bus fares in Malaga

A regular ticket costs €1.40 a ride, but if you buy a 10-journey ticket, it works out at €0.42 (€4.20 in total). Note, however, that the airport bus costs €4 each way and there’s no discount available.

Read our guide to getting around Malaga by bus.

Metro fares in Malaga

If you use the metro just once, a ticket costs €1.35, but if you buy a 10-journey ticket, it costs €0.33 (€3.30 for 10). Note that there’s a charge of €0.30 for the rechargeable card (€1.80 if you buy a PVC one.

Find out how to get around Malaga on the metro.

The above subsidised fares are valid at least until 31 December 2024.

Taxi fares in Malaga

Unlike the bus and metro, taxis aren’t cheap. However, they’re convenient and quick, especially if there are several of you. In 2024, taxi fares are as follows:

Monday to Friday 6am to 10pm

  • Minimum charge – €4.20
  • Flag down charge – €1.71
  • Km charge – €0.96
  • Waiting time – €21.82 per hour

So, if you travelled 3km by taxi on a Friday morning, you’d pay €1.71 + €0.96 x 3 = €4.59

Monday to Friday 10pm to 6am and weekends

  • Minimum charge – €5.19
  • Flag down charge – €2.10
  • Km charge – €1.16
  • Waiting time – €26.90

So, if you travelled 3km by taxi on a Sunday afternoon, you’d pay €2.10 + €1.16 x 3 = €5.58.

Note that these charges also apply on public holidays in Malaga, at Easter and during Malaga Fair.

Note also that there’s a €6 surcharge for a taxi ride to or from Malaga Airport.


There’s a long list of monuments, museums, sights and art museums in Malaga and the good news is that admission prices are extremely reasonable. Here’s an idea:

  • Art museums – from €6
  • Churches – usually free
  • Historic monuments – from €3.50
  • Museums – from €6

And don’t forget that children under 14, students and those over 65 usually get reduced rates. You may be asked for proof of status so have some ID handy.

Top tip Many sights are free on Sunday afternoons, usually after 5pm.

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