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Malaga information resources

Malaga Information Resources

Malaga information is fairly easy to find, but not all online information is accurate, up-to-date or from a reliable source.

The Guide to Malaga website offers lots of information about Malaga and it’s an ever-growing site, but aimed at holidaymakers in Malaga and to Malaga city itself. So if you’re looking for information about the Costa del Sol or want non-tourism advice, you need alternative sources.

We’ve put together the Guide to Malaga top 13 information resources. We’ve included sites giving information about Malaga generally, spending a holiday in Malaga, visiting the city on business or thinking of taking the plunge and moving here permanently and/or buying property in Malaga.

General Malaga information

One: Sur in English (published weekly on Fridays) includes lots of information about Malaga and the province. For Malaga events, check out the what’s on section and there’s a good listing of consulates, foreign churches etc. The print version of the newspaper is free and can be found at several places in Malaga city centre such as the Andalucia Tourist Office on Plaza de la Constitución, larger news kiosks and the Tourist Office on Plaza de la Marina.

Two: ProMalaga is part of the Diputación de Málaga, the provincial council, and has lots of economic facts and figures about Malaga. Not all the information is available in English and some of it is a bit out-of-date, but it’s a good starting point. ProMalaga also runs Invest in Malaga, a site with advice for foreigners looking to do business in Malaga.

Three: Malaga Port publishes information about cruises in Malaga – a good one to check out if you’re planning a day trip to Malaga and don’t fancy the idea of meeting 5,000 cruise passengers (Malaga museums and monuments get pretty busy when a large cruise ship comes into town). The site’s in Spanish but fairly to follow – just choose your month and click on ‘buscar’. Or read our dedicated post on cruise ship dates in Malaga.

Malaga information about cruises


Malaga weather information

Information about the weather in Malaga is reasonably accurate especially when it comes to temperatures, but it rains less than the weather forecasts say. To find out what the weather’s like in Malaga throughout the year, click here.

The following sites give you a good idea of what sort of Malaga weather to expect:

Four: Aemet – the official information site for weather in Spain. It’s just been redesigned and is much more mobile friendly as well as more attractive. A big advantage of Aemet is that you can check the forecast for practically every town or village in Malaga province too. Useful if you’re going walking in the Axarquía or Serranía de Ronda.

Five: Accuweather – an hour-by-hour account if you want it of the weather in Malaga and an ‘at the moment’ feature – this one occasionally says it’s raining when it clearly isn’t but about as good as they get.

Malaga holiday information

Six: Malaga City Council tourist site offers information in English about what to do and see in Malaga, although the list of museums and monuments doesn’t come with opening times. The Malaga information is mostly up-to-date. For great photos and last-minute information about what’s on in Malaga or latest events, then visit their Facebook page.

Seven: This is a fairly new site with a snappy logo (and lots of merchandising on sale at the Malaga Store on Plaza de la Marina). Loving Malaga is almost all videos, which come in Spanish only but they showcase events and things to see in Malaga pretty well.

Eight: If you’re stepping outside Malaga city and into the Costa del Sol proper, a good place to start for information is Visit Costa del Sol. Plenty of information about Malaga and in several languages including English. The blog posts are usually good added value and if you’re looking for Malaga tourism statistics, visit the ‘professional area’ for all you need to know.

Nine: Staying outside Malaga and in the east, one of the best sources of information is East of Malaga run by Marianne. Her regular blog articles accompanied by great photos look at places in the Axarquía region of Malaga. She also publishes an annual cost of living index, a really useful resource for seeing exactly what it costs to live in this part of Spain. Marianne loves Malaga city too so you’ll see the odd article about on Malaga on her website.

Costa del Sol information

Malaga food information

Ten: There are several tapas tours in Malaga but very few of them have a blog section on the site giving you information about food in Malaga. One company that does this very well is Devour Malaga. Their blog packs in the information about food in Malaga – what to eat and where to eat it together with some delicious photos. They also offer foodie tours.

Moving to Malaga information

Eleven: If you’ve fallen in love with Malaga and fancy moving to the city, a great one-stop resource is Move to Malaga owned and run by local expert Lisa Sadleir. She offers information about moving to Malaga (city and province) and assistance and advice relocating to Malaga from anywhere in the world.

Twelve: This one is for women only – Costa Women is a great networking site designed for Spain as a whole but there’s a Malaga group. It’s a good platform to meet other women in Malaga and resource for jobs, second-hand goods, services and general information about Malaga and the Costa del Sol too. It’s free to join and you need to register.

Information about property in Malaga

Information about buying property in Malaga

Thirteen: And last but not least and very much in the property news where Malaga features as one of the hot spots to buy property in Spain. A wide choice of homes are on the market with excellent buy-to-let potential if you’re thinking investment rather than own-use. But before you sign anything or pay any money, make sure you speak to a professional independent lawyer who will protect your money and interests such as Andalusian Lawyers.

If we’ve missed any good sites that you can recommend, please let us know and we’ll add them to the list. And of course, don’t forget that the best Malaga information if you’re visiting on holiday can be found in our Guide to Malaga!

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