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What to do in an emergency

Even on the best planned holiday things can go wrong because, well, stuff happens. This section covers what to do in an emergency in Malaga. You’ll find information on:

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Medical help

If you need medical assistance while you’re in Malaga you have several options. Note that at all of them you will need to show proof of insurance (e.g. European Health Insurance Card for EEA nationals or a health/travel  insurance policy valid in Spain) or pay for your treatment.

Urgent and requiring an ambulance

Call the general emergency service (112) or ambulance service (061).

Urgent but don’t need an ambulance

You can go to a public health service hospital or a private clinic.

We’ve included information on how to get there on public transport but your best bet will be to get a taxi.

Public health service hospitals in Malaga

None in or near the city centre but two are nearby and the other one a short journey away.

  • Hospital Civil – 24 hours, Plaza del Hospital. Buses 2, 7, 17 and 20 from the Alameda Principal stop just outside (10 minute journey).
  • Hospital Materno-Infantil – 24 hours, children’s and maternity hospital so visit this one if your child needs medical attention or you’re pregnant and need to see a doctor. Avda Arroyo de los Angeles, buses 7 and 17 from the Alameda Principal stop outside (12 minute journey).
  • Hospital Regional Universitario de Malaga – 24 hours and one of the biggest hospitals in the city. Avda del Obispo Herrera Oria, buses 8, 21, 23, 31 and 38 from the Alameda Principal stop outside (20 minute journey).

Private clinics in Malaga

  • Hospital Dr Gálvez – 24 hours, next to the Cathedral in Calle San Agustín. Walkable if you’re in the city centre.
  • Hospital Vithas, Parque San Antonio – 24 hours, Avda del Pintor Sorolla 2 in El Limonar. Buses 3 and 11 from the Alameda Principal stop outside (15 minute journey).
  • Hospital Quirón – 24 hours, Avda Imperio Argentina 1 (Palacio de los Deportes metro station on Line 2), on the far west side of the city (10 minute journey plus walk to El Perchel station).

See a map of emergency hospitals in Malaga.

24-hour chemists

There’s just 1 24-hour chemist in Malaga city centre:

Farmacia Caffarena, Alameda Principal on the corner with Calle Larios.

All chemists display a list of duty chemists (open 24 hours) in their window. Check the list and head for the chemist open that day or ask a taxi driver to take you to the nearest.


Emergency numbers (all free)

  • General emergency number – 112
  • Ambulance service – 061
  • Local police – 092
  • National police – 091
  • Fire service – 080
  • Sea rescue – 900 202 202

Reporting a crime

If you’re unlucky enough to be a victim of a crime in Malaga take the following steps:

Personal injury: Call the ambulance service (061) or general emergency (112) and the police (091 or 092). Expect the police to take a statement from you.

No personal injury: To report the crime you have 3 options:
• Visit the police stand in Plaza de la Marina (daily April-Sept 9am-8pm, Oct-March 9am-6pm). Outside these hours, visit a police station (see map).
• Phone 902 102 112 (English-speaking service daily 9am-9pm).
Fill in the online form (form is in Spanish only). You must designate a police station in the form and go there to sign your statement within 72 hours of filing it online.

See map of police stations in Malaga

Consulates in Malaga

You may need to contact your consulate for a number of reasons – loss of passport, lack of funds, bereavement or a general emergency in Malaga. The following are located in Malaga city centre. Office hours are generally 9am to 2pm Monday to Friday. Bear in mind that consulates close on Spanish public holidays (Fill in the online form) and on public holidays in their home country.

  • Austria – Alameda de Colón 26, 2nd floor, 646 060 972
  • Canada – Plaza de la Malagueta 2, 1st floor, 952 223 346
  • Denmark – Calle Córdoba 6, 404, 952 211 797
  • Finland – Calle Córdoba 6, 4th floor, 401, 952 212 435
  • Germany – Calle Mauricio Moro Pareto 2, 5th floor, 952 363 958
  • Italy – Alameda Principal, 35, 1st floor, 952 365 593
  • Portugal – Calle Cañizares 15, 952 347 677
  • Sweden – Calle Córdoba 6, 501 952 604 383
  • UK – Calle Mauricio Moro Pareto 2, Edif Eurocom, Bloque Sur, 952 352 300

Countries with consular offices outside Malaga

Consular offices in Fuengirola

Ireland – Avda de los Boliches 15, Fuengirola, 952 475 108
Norway Avda de los Boliches 60, Fuengirola, 952 667 955
US – Avda Juan Gómez Juanito 6, 1st floor Fuengirola, 952 474 891

How to get to Fuengirola from Malaga on public transport

The quickest and easiest way is by train (cercanías) from central Malaga. There are 2 stations – 1 (Malaga Centro-Alameda) on the south side of the main river bridge, in front of CAC Malaga and the other (Malaga Maria Zambrano) at the mainline train station. Trains leave every 20 minutes and the journey takes 45 minutes.


The Netherlands Consulate

The Dutch consulate is located in Torremolinos. Get here on the train (cercanías) from central Malaga. There are 2 stations – 1 (Malaga Centro-Alameda) on the south side of the main river bridge, in front of CAC Malaga and the other (Malaga Maria Zambrano) at the mainline train station. Trains leave every 20 minutes and the journey takes 22 minutes.
Avda Palma de Mallorca 57, Torremolinos, 952 380 888

The Belgium Consulate

The Belgium consulate is in central Marbella. Get here by bus from Malaga bus station. There are direct services between Marbella and Malaga at least every 90 minutes and the journey takes 45 minutes. Once you arrive at Marbella bus station you need to walk into the city centre (about 15 minutes) or take a taxi.

Avda Ricardo Soriano 20, 3C, Marbella, 951 516 019

See the consular offices in Malaga on a map



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